Talent Intelligence Tips from a Former CIA Leader


You'll learn

  • How to determine recruitment suitability and success
  • Going beyond resumes
  • Being more deliberate about recruiting

If anyone knows how to go beyond resumés to uncover the hidden attributes that make for superstar candidates, it’s a former chief of CIA recruiting. There are certain characteristics – such as self-awareness, the potential to learn and grow, and independent thinking that are critical to success in high-stakes, high-pressure environments that simply can’t be discovered from resumes alone.

During her 32-year career at the CIA, one of Patty Brandmaier’s key strategic initiatives was successfully reengineering the agency’s nation-wide recruitment program to attract mission critical, diverse talent and driving a comprehensive, organization-wide culture change initiative.

Join us in this exclusive conversation with Patty as she shares invaluable insights about finding, recruiting, and hiring top talent that apply far beyond the shadows of the CIA.

Meet the speakers

Patty Brandmaier
Patty spent 32 years at the CIA, serving both domestically and abroad. Patty held a succession of senior executive assignments, to include successfully reengineering CIA’s nation-wide recruitment program to attract mission-critical diversity and, at the request of the Director, CIA, driving a comprehensive, organization-wide culture change initiative. She was recognized at the highest levels for her strategic leadership impact, ability to develop and lead high performance teams, and contributions to CIA’s leadership and workforce development. Now an executive coach and leadership strategist, Patty’s purpose and passion in life is working with leaders and teams to create opportunity from challenge and thrive in uncertainty. She believes that the skill and resiliency to achieve, scale, and navigate today’s world are dependent on leadership self-awareness and mindset, ability to leverage the collective expertise of teams, and commitment to a thriving culture to engage workforce talent.
Michael J. Case
Formerly VP of Recruiting and E-team member at Instacart, Recruiting Director at Uber and Salesforce, and Exec Search for Apple, Michael brings 20 years of experience in the HR and Talent space and has built and managed teams of 50+ people. He is an executive coach, advising CEOs and scaling teams for startups in growth mode funded by top VCs in Silicon Valley and beyond: Khosla, a16z, KPCB, Battery, Sequoia, Accel, Lightspeed, Redpoint, Wing, DFJ, and more. Michael speaks Chinese and Japanese, and lived in Asia for 16 years; he remains active with the startup community in Asia and splits time between San Francisco and Tokyo.

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