Candidate Rediscovery

Uncover talent from your ATS with candidate rediscovery

Rediscover candidates from your existing network – past and current applicants, employees, alumni – that match the attributes you need, in one place with Findem.

Discover, engage, and track all the talent already in your network

Automatically match prior applicants to open roles

Findem's attribute-based profiles, AI-powered search, and breadth of integrations enable you to find candidates from your existing network for open roles without manual research or toggling between tools.

Better evaluate past candidates with current insights

Your existing candidate profiles are automatically enriched and refreshed to ensure you always have the most up-to-date picture of your entire network’s skills and experiences.

Eliminate duplicate candidate records

You’ll never reach out to the same person twice because we deduplicate candidates as they come into your network.

Instantly see matches with automated application review

See the best matches for any role with Findem’s disposition data and automated applicant review that works across your existing talent ecosystem and pool of new applicants.

Access insights across the funnel in one place

Get visibility into the data across your ATS, external sources, and the rest of your talent tools with dashboards that surface insights across your entire network in one place.

Optimize the 7 key hiring channels

Our checklist can help you assess your talent tech stack and optimize the 7 primary hiring channels.
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