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We help companies make the decisions that matter most — people decisions.
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Our mission

To empower talent teams with everything they need to make informed, unbiased choices that support team growth and business success.

Our vision

To help companies build fair, high-performing workplaces where every decision is made by people and based on data and analytics.
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The Findem Story

A message from our founders

"We believe that of all the choices a business makes, the people decisions will have the most impact on its success. Making the best people decisions in a fair, unbiased way is impossible without robust and meaningful data.

As artificial intelligence transforms the role of talent across organizations, it’s important to remember that AI is only as good as the data it has to work with. Every day, talent leaders rely on data to decide who to promote, who to hire, how to uplevel employee skill-sets, how to build diverse teams, and so much more.

Our goal is to give talent teams the 3D data and AI insights they need to not only make the right decisions about people, but to prepare them for the future — a future where talent uplevels the value they bring to the business."
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Hari Kolam & Raghu Venkat
Findem Co-Founders

Our principles



Findem’s Talent Data Cloud was built with a BI-first, AI-assisted architecture. Our 3D data delivers the most holistic view of every person and company over time to power every talent workflow.


Data drives everything we do, from the insights we deliver to the decisions we help companies make about candidates. We are building the Talent Data Cloud to enable a data-driven future across the talent lifecycle.


People remain the most important part of any talent team. We do not replace human decision makers with AI, but use responsible, ethical AI to help them focus on the most strategic aspects of their work.


Diverse perspectives lead to better results, which is why we’ve committed to building a diverse team at Findem and for our customers. The workforce of the future should be truly representative of the world we live in.

Our leadership team

Hari Kolam
Co-Founder & CEO
Raghu Venkat
Co-Founder & CTO
Liv Anderman
Annie Chrien
Brett Coin
Talent Transformation
Marian Gomez de la Vega
Alper Tekin
Product and Strategy
Parth Thaker
Danny Wen
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