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Findem Named a Top Artificial Intelligence Company of 2024 by The Software Report

Findem recognized for the innovative way it applies AI to talent acquisition and management.

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 21, 2024 — Findem, the only AI talent acquisition and management solution powered by unique 3D data, has won a coveted spot on The Software Report’s Top 25 AI Companies of 2024. Findem, which uses the power of AI to reinvent how companies hire and manage talent, ranked No. 14 on the prestigious list.  

Findem’s Talent Data Cloud applies AI to the hiring process in a way the industry hasn't seen before. By leveraging AI in a responsible and thoughtful way, Findem creates a seamless, yet advanced hiring process for talent teams. Findem’s Talent Data Cloud consolidates top-of-the-funnel activities across hiring channels into a single source. 

Key to Findem’s transformative approach is its unique 3D data – entirely new people and company data that is time ordered – that provides unmatched insight and understanding about every candidate and company journey. Generative AI prompts integrated into the workflow makes that 3D data instantly accessible and verifiable. Findem also harnesses the power of AI for its Copilot for multichannel sourcing, which automatically prioritizes top-performing channels and personalizes engagement based on the best practices for those channels.

“This award speaks volumes about the profoundly new way we’re applying AI and automation to solve the talent industry’s toughest problems and give people the confidence and context to support growth across their business,” said Findem CEO Hari Kolam. “AI has been at our core since day one and we’re a driving force behind today’s AI-first talent transformation. While AI is powerful on its own, its true potential gets unleashed when coupled with our 3D data. It’s that high-powered combination that enables organizations to extract new levels of talent intelligence, boost efficiency and make data-driven decisions that set them far ahead of the competition.”

According to The Software Report, the selection process for the Top 25 AI Companies was highly competitive. It involved the evaluation of software effectiveness, technological innovation, organizational capabilities, management team caliber and workplace culture, among other factors. Award recipients were selected through a comprehensive nomination process comprising input from colleagues, peers and experts in the software industry, in addition to in-house research.

About Findem

Findem’s Talent Data Cloud combines 3D data with AI to automate and consolidate top-of-funnel activities across the entire talent ecosystem, bringing together sourcing, CRM and analytics into one place. By unlocking insights about people and the labor market that no one else can, Findem provides the ultimate competitive advantage and transforms the way talent teams plan, hire and manage talent. Built to solve enterprise challenges at scale, with Findem, customers like RingCentral and Intuitive are delivering continuous pipelines of top, diverse candidates, while creating better talent experiences. Visit us and request a demo at

About The Software Report 

The Software Report is a comprehensive source for market research and insights, business news, investment activity, and corporate actions related to the software sector. Based in New York City, the firm is run by a seasoned team of editors, writers, and media professionals highly knowledgeable on software and the various companies, executives, and investors that make up the sector.

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