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Findem Launches AI-Powered Copilot to Automate and Personalize Sourcing at Scale

Copilot for sourcing automates repetitive tasks across multiple talent channels, giving time and control back to recruiters to deliver more value to the business.

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 7, 2023 — Findem, the only AI talent acquisition and management solution powered by unique 3D data, is bringing hyper-automation to sourcing with the launch of its new Copilot for sourcing across multiple talent channels. Findem’s AI-powered Copilot for sourcing learns to perform repetitive and mundane tasks with speed and precision, enabling talent teams to operate with greater efficiency. With more time to qualify and engage with high-priority candidates, talent teams can focus on delivering the value of HR to the business. 

Sourcing is an extremely complex activity that requires talent teams to navigate different workflows for each hiring channel. As a result, their time gets consumed by manual, repetitive tasks related to direct sourcing rather than qualifying candidates and selling the company’s value proposition. 

Findem’s Copilot for sourcing uses AI to automatically prioritize the top-performing channels for their needs and personalize engagement based on the best practices for those channels. It can be configured to search in-network hiring channels such as inbound applicants, ATS candidates, internal employees, CRM candidates, employee referrals, and alumni, as well as traditional outbound sources, and all sourcing is done through a simple interface. 

“There’s a lot of nuance and time involved in multi-channel sourcing – the strategy for engaging alumni is different from referrals, and both are different from inbound and external candidates,” said Findem CEO Hari Kolam. “Our Copilot uses deep AI automation to prioritize the highest-performing channels, so talent teams no longer have to guess at it or spend all their time on direct sourcing that doesn’t yield quality output.”

Findem’s Copilot for sourcing adds a new level of automation and personalization to its Talent Data Cloud. It can fully automate the sourcing process, from job creation to shortlisting to outreach to scheduling. The AI learns from feedback and self corrects to constantly improve the quality of candidates, outreach response, and diversity in the funnel. Because the Copilot uses Findem’s 3D data to find and verify high-quality talent across a multichannel ecosystem, talent teams can be confident in the shortlists it produces.   

“There’s a white-hot opportunity for talent leaders to get ahead of the transformation that’s happening in this space, and our first AI Copilot was created to feed that opportunity and elevate the talent role within organizations,” said Kolam. “With our rapid advances in AI and automation, we expect this Copilot could save companies up to 90% in sourcing time and, equally important, lead to the high-quality hires that demonstrate just how vital HR is to overall business success.”  

When the Copilot for sourcing is integrated with ATS and CRM systems, it can be configured to automate all or any of these activities:

Generating projects based on jobs in the ATS – Instantly expresses the jobs in an ATS as projects with searches to enable talent professionals to immediately review qualified candidates. 

Facilitating data-driven intake meetings and candidate calibration Helps facilitate the intake process for instant calibration. The Copilot for sourcing constantly updates its understanding of candidate requirements to provide an updated view of the talent pool in real time. 

Sourcing high-value candidates from across all channels Shortlists candidates based on their strength of match to the job requirements, as well as their likelihood and time to convert, so talent professionals are always spending time with the highest-value candidates. 

Automatically engaging with candidates through outreach Runs campaigns against well-matched candidates to determine who is interested and to prompt them to engage. The Copilot for sourcing has access to contextual knowledge of each candidate based on the channel they were sourced from. 

Handling replies and scheduling Directs candidates to schedule a screening, submit a formal application, or take another desired call to action. 

Regulating the funnel to ensure a steady and consistent slate of interested candidates – Findem’s data platform enables the Copilot for sourcing to monitor passthrough rates for outreach and target the number of active individuals on their candidate slate. Whenever these parameters are yielding a low number, it will increase its activity to maintain a steady stream.  

Findem’s Copilot will soon be available to select customers. 

Dedicated to Responsible AI

AI has been core to Findem since it was founded in 2019. The company is committed to the responsible and ethical use of AI to assist talent decision makers in making faster, better, and more fair decisions with data. To ensure privacy, Findem vectorizes all inputs and does not share personally identifiable information (PII) with public large language models (LLMs). 

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