Talent CRM

Nurture qualified talent in one place

Turn every talent search into a source for future pipeline. Organize and automate outreach to candidates with a talent CRM powered by AI and 3D data.
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Build continuous talent pipelines

Never lose a great candidate again. Whenever and wherever you find talent, you can add it to your CRM. Profiles stay up-to-date and searchable so you can manage top talent into your company at the right time.

Reduce time to fill

When a candidate matches an open opportunity, Findem’s Copilot automatically adds them to the shortlist. Candidates familiar with your company, nurtured by you, will be more receptive to your outreach. That speeds time to hire.
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Improve the candidate experience

The opportunity to nurture not-ready, qualified candidates enables you to respond to applicants in a timely and considerate way. You can invite them to stay connected to your company and employer brand, knowing that you can reach out again when the time is right.
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“I think Findem has really nailed it. Lots of CRMs let you nurture talent. But I don’t know of another tool where you can run a talent campaign and know the members of the campaign well enough to target them with 1:1 messaging.”
Alvin Lam
Senior Vice President of Talent

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