Talent CRM with Findem

Build candidate relationships to hire talent faster

Nurture talent communities with the power of 3D data and AI to better understand, communicate with, and engage qualified candidates at scale.

Nurture talent communities for
proactive hiring

Build talent communities with attribute-based relationship management

Findem’s constantly updated, refreshed attribute data enriches 750+ million talent profiles so you always know a candidate’s most current skills, experiences, and characteristics — making it easy to move them into specific talent communities.

Nurture your entire talent ecosystem in one place

Engage all your potential candidates — past applicants in your ATS, current or former employees, and referrals — in one place. Add candidates and exclusion lists via .CSV uploads and measure nurture campaign performance.

Curate talent communities with personalized, timely campaigns

Automate nurture campaigns, newsletters, and time-sensitive outreach with pre-built sequences and tailored content specific for each talent community.

Personalize every message in one click

Customize outreach for a specific tone, length, or communication style with Findem's AI Campaign Assistant.
“I think Findem has really nailed it. Lots of CRMs let you nurture talent. But I don’t know of another tool where you can run a talent campaign and know the members of the campaign well enough to target them with 1:1 messaging.”
Alvin Lam
Senior Vice President of Talent

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