Market Intelligence with Findem

Know the market and the competition better than ever

Stay on top of market trends and the competitive landscape with real-time market, benchmark, and talent data.

Stay on top of trends with real-time market and talent data in one place

Benchmark performance against competitors and peers

See how relevant attributes are represented at other companies and how they’ve changed over time to align with stakeholders on the right goals.

Know where to find the right people with hyper-local market maps

Easily see which candidates globally have the exact attributes you need and identify where to invest your recruiting efforts and office expansions.

Gain deeper insights into any workforce with attribute-based analytics

Uplevel career pathing and your internal mobility strategy with attribute-based insights. See historical hiring and attrition trends of an organization.

Understand other companies' hiring strategies

At any point in time, see what attributes companies have hired for and how their hiring profiles have changed over time, relative to growth, attrition, and tenure trends.

Build searches based on a candidate’s impact on company performance

Integrated views of candidate experience and company performance help uncover attributes like: "Joined during a company's Series C", "One of first 50 employees", or "Growing Companies by Revenue [+15%]".
“I feel like Findem has been a secret weapon of our success over the last year - and will continue to be a real partner and go-to tool for us.”
Eryn McHugh
Head of Talent

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