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Expand your knowledge, learn best practices, and equip yourself to excel in your role with these talent industry resources.
5 Benefits of Consolidating Your Talent Tech Stack
Today's talent tech stack makes generating meaningful insights and ensuring talent strategy success constant challenges. Read on to discover the 5 benefits of consolidation today.
AI Recruiting: An HR Guide for Smarter, Faster Talent Recruitment
In this guide, we’ll cover all of the essential aspects of AI in recruiting to help you leverage these tools in an informed way.
8 Key Recruiting Trends Impacting Talent Acquisition in 2023
The talent acquisition world is undergoing a shift in the face of a few recruiting trends, including the rising adoption of artificial intelligence and a renewed focus on internal mobility.
10 Best AI Recruitment Tools in 2023
AI recruitment tools can do much more than improve efficiency throughout the entire hiring process – from accelerating sourcing and improving candidate engagement to building a talent pipeline.
10 Best Recruiting Tools Every Talent Team Needs
The recruiting tools you should consider implementing in your workflow to expedite hiring, improve the candidate experience, and make the best hiring decisions.
hireEZ vs. SeekOut vs. Findem: 2023 Comparison
As talent leaders turn to artificial intelligence (AI) tools for talent acquisition and management, we compare solutions like hireEZ vs. SeekOut, along with Findem's Talent Data Cloud.
LinkedIn Recruiter vs. Recruiter Lite: How Do They Compare?
Compare LinkedIn Recruiter vs Recruiter Lite and learn how Findem's Talent Data Cloud and attribute-based search can empower your hiring team.
What Is a Talent Pipeline and How Do You Build It?
By shifting their focus to building a healthy talent pipeline, companies can adopt a proactive recruiting approach and take the stress out of filling a new role.
Active Recruiting: 5 Ways to Boost your Strategy
A well-crafted active recruiting strategy can help you hire faster and build a larger, more diverse talent pool without compromising on candidate quality.
11 Top LinkedIn Recruiter Alternatives
LinkedIn Recruiter alternatives provide advanced search capabilities and detailed candidate profiles to help you source, engage, and hire the right people quickly.
A Guide to Successfully Recruiting Passive Candidates
Recruiting passive candidates opens the talent pool to include a broader range of skills and experiences to help you meet your hiring goals.
Internal Mobility: A Comprehensive Guide for HR Teams
Learn how Findem helps organizations foster internal mobility, which is an important trend now that hiring has slowed down due to the economic downturn.
8 Cold Recruiting Email Templates That Get Results
Cold emails are essential for competitive recruiting. Learn how to improve response rates with these best practices and helpful email templates.
A Complete Guide to the Recruiting Process
Update your recruitment process with our guide. These are the steps organizations take to attract and interview candidates and hire faster.
11 Diversity Recruiting Strategies to Improve Inclusive Hiring
Learn more about diversity recruiting, including sourcing candidates in an unbiased way to grow a more diverse, well-rounded, and competitive workforce.
20 Top Recruiting Strategies for Any Organization
Struggling to refresh your recruitment process as methods change? Review our list of recruitment strategies to help your organization move forward.
What Is Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)?
Diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging efforts are the future of organizations. Here’s how to use a DEIB data-driven strategy for recruitment.
What Is People Intelligence In Recruiting?
People intelligence is all about using strategy, technology, and actions to learn more about a specific group of people.
10 Must-haves for a Strong Sourcing Candidate Pipeline
Sourcing candidates is the process of searching for qualified candidates who fit the requirements of currently open roles or roles that will be opening in the future.
What is Talent Acquisition? Stages, Tips, and Strategies
In a competitive hiring landscape, HR teams need to rethink how they source candidates, build a talent pipeline, approach interviewing, and more.
What Is Recruiting Automation?
Learn what recruiting automation is and how AI can be used to expand your candidate pool and shrink time to hire top talent.

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