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hireEZ vs. SeekOut vs. Findem: 2023 Comparison

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Over half of talent leaders are under pressure to improve their candidate quality, according to our 2023 report. To alleviate some of that pressure, they’re turning to artificial intelligence (AI) tools for talent acquisition and management like hireEZ, SeekOut, and Findem.

While all three AI recruiting tools aim to help you find and hire the best talent faster, it would be a mistake to assume they do this in the same way. Below, we’ve broken down the top features of each platform to help you make the best pick for your hiring needs.


hireEZ (previously known as Hiretual) describes itself as an outbound recruiting platform. The platform’s main solutions fall into two categories: talent sourcing and talent engagement.

Talent sourcing

The outbound recruiting platform features millions of candidate profiles to source from. To narrow down your search, hireEZ provides search filters based on previous employment, expertise, diversity criteria, etc., but you can also use Boolean strings. The platform enriches each profile with data from 45+ open web platforms (e.g., Upwork, LinkedIn, Twitter) to give you a better idea of who your candidates are.

hireEZ integrates with over 30 applicant tracking systems (including Lever and Greenhouse), so you can keep all of your candidate data in one platform. Additionally, it connects to job boards and candidate relationship management (CRM) platforms such as Beamery.

Like many other sourcing tools, hireEZ offers features to improve the diversity of your talent pool. You can tailor your searches to find talent from specific minority groups and access insights related to underrepresented talent in particular industries or roles.

Talent engagement

hireEZ also provides a candidate engagement solution that allows you to build a closer relationship with your talent pool and improve the overall hiring process. You can design automated marketing campaigns and track how your talent pool is responding to your outreach in real-time. It also simplifies scheduling by syncing with the interviewer’s calendar and allowing candidates to pick a time that suits them best.

What do users like about hireEZ?

With a G2 score of 4.6 out of 5, hireEZ is noted for being easy to use and enabling talent teams to set up email sequences. Users also appreciate the search filters and talent insights.


SeekOut’s recruiting platform is divided into two solutions: Recruit (for talent sourcing) and Grow (for talent management).

Talent sourcing

SeekOut Recruit assists talent teams in building a talent pipeline with access to more than 800M candidate profiles, of which 40M are technical candidates. It offers 300+ filters to help you identify the right talent, but you can also create unique filters of your own.

The platform recently launched a GPT-powered service, SeekOut Assist, which uses a job description to automatically generate a list of search filters and potential candidates that could be a good fit. It can also draft a personalized email to ensure you don’t waste any time between the moment you discover a candidate to when you first reach out.

Other Recruit functionalities include the ability to sync with your ATS, diversify your pipeline, and use the right candidate’s profile to find people with a similar professional background.

Talent management

SeekOut Grow is a solution that supports internal mobility by enabling organizations to centralize all of their employee data, find skill gaps, and match employees to job openings. It also includes an internal talent marketplace that curates a personalized list of upskilling and mobility opportunities for each employee.

Employees can use the platform to share their career goals and connect with employees who have had similar career paths. Managers have access to this information as well, so they can support their teams with development opportunities.

What do users like about SeekOut?

SeekOut currently has a G2 score of 4.5 out of 5. Customers like the user-friendly interface and the ability to get different search results compared to using LinkedIn Recruiter.


Findem’s Talent Data Cloud uses unique data to help companies surface candidates that no one else can find. Our top products and solutions fit into two broad categories: data-driven talent acquisition and modern talent management. 

Talent acquisition

People and company data make up the foundation of Findem’s platform, which continuously ingests and refreshes 1.6T public data points from over 100,000 sources (such as GitHub, Research Gate, and LinkedIn). Using AI, we transform these data points into candidate insights and trends, creating over a million multidimensional attributes. These attributes range from job experience (“saw a company through IPO”) to personality (“entrepreneurial spirit”), allowing you to search for precisely the people you need at scale, get a holistic overview of each candidate, and discover niche talent.

Attributes are different from keywords in the sense that keyword search is limited to the phrases the candidate has used to describe themselves on their resume or LinkedIn profile. Attributes go a step further, as they’re generated using trillions of data points that create a complete picture of an individual. (Findem does also support keyword and Boolean search.)

By integrating Findem with your ATS, you can unify all of your talent pool data, consolidate your tech stack, and save time toggling between different tools.

Talent relationship management

Findem’s Talent CRM allows you to nurture candidate relationships over email and develop an engaged talent pipeline you can tap into whenever a new position opens up. You can segment talent communities based on attributes, industry, role, or seniority and create personalized campaigns that speak to their interests and improve response rates.

The CRM keeps every person’s profile up-to-date using information from our people and company data lake, and it also keeps track of previous interactions so everyone on the recruiting team, from the hiring manager to the recruiter, is on the same page.

What do users like about Findem?

Findem has a G2 score of 4.7 out of 5, with user reviews praising the sourcing solution for its ability to find diverse and niche candidates. Users also appreciate the email personalization features of the CRM.

Discover top talent quickly and at scale with Findem

Adobe and RingCentral are two companies that have improved their hiring success as a result of using Findem for candidate sourcing and management. RingCentral was able to triple the response rates to its outreach campaigns and improve pipeline quality by 22%, while Adobe hired 11 candidates in less than 90 days.

Attributes are the secret to this success — instead of serving you more mismatched talent as a result of limited keyword searches, Findem’s attribute-based search allows you to find the best candidates at scale and speed. Book a demo to learn more about how Findem can support your recruitment process.

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