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The State of Hiring and Recruiting in 2023

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Tips to measure and set goals for recruiting and hiring
How talent leaders plan to hit their goals
Why burnout and stress are a growing epidemic for leaders

Key metrics and trends shaping talent acquisition today

We surveyed more than 300 HR leaders about the metrics they use to track success and what they need to do to achieve them. Here’s what we found:

  • 95% use technology to track metrics
  • 73% set goals against cost per hire
  • 70% of HR leaders missed a key hire due to inefficient processes

The endless cycle of investment, effort, and a lack of results is leading to all-time-high burnout rates. Missed hires, missed goals, and other challenges in the hiring and recruiting process have 73% of leaders experiencing burnout.

How are they recalibrating and positioning their organizations for success?

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