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10x your talent pipeline with diverse, top quality candidates and shrink your time to hire with Findem.
Findem is an end-to-end talent acquisition solution
talent acquisition powered by ai

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What is Findem?

The People Intelligence platform that helps you close talent gaps faster and build diverse, engaged teams to take your company to the next level.
Data sources
AI powered attributes
Enriched profiles

Make amazing hires with Findem

Search for candidates like never before

Access 750M+ enriched profiles for more targeted results

Our unique AI unlocks new data about candidates that you can easily search, and that you can’t find anywhere else
Automate sourcing and outreach

Turn diversity insights into action

Make diversity part of your talent search to build a truly representative pipeline. Unlock deep analytics to track how well you're progressing towards your goals.
Optimize for talent diversity
Findem collates profiles from all data

Source more candidates with the same team

Fill your funnel faster than ever with technology that never tires. Engage as many candidates as you need each day: 50, 5,000, 50,000... and meet your hiring goals.
Gain talent pool insights

Get more out of your ATS

Findem connects seamlessly with your ATS and refreshes all profiles with the latest information, so you can build pipeline from your existing - and external - talent pool
Rediscover talent

Speed your time to hire

Talent acquisition solutions from sourcing to hiring
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