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10x your qualified talent pipeline, increase candidate quality and diversity, and shrink your time to hire.
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Findem is an end-to-end talent acquisition solution
talent acquisition powered by ai

Try these Impossible SearchesTM

We go beyond resumes to uncover hidden attributes
Attributes are all of the skills, experiences and qualities about a person that you’re really looking for in a new hire but weren’t able to search for before.

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Search, and so much more
With Findem, you can
Double your qualified candidates in half the time
“Findem saves me one full day out of a working week.”
Centralize sourcing and outreach in one platform
“We’ve made 10 amazing hires using Findem.”
Quickly Find and Hire the Hidden Gems
“Our first hire was made in just 3 weeks. It’s a game changer.”

How Findem works

The People Intelligence platform for Talent Acquisition teams
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Findem worksFindem works

Search, analyse, engage, measure
We connect to 100K+ data sources
and enrich this data with AI to unlock its power.
We generate 1M+ 
unique attributes
for every person, to power every stage of talent acquisition.
Create impossible searches using hidden attributes.
Refine your search to meet your business goals.
Target your candidates using personalized campaigns.
Optimize your talent funnel and close your candidates.

Do more with Findem

Try something new and make amazing hires

Access 700M+ enriched profiles for more targeted results

Our unique AI unlocks new data about candidates that you can easily search, and that you can’t find anywhere else.
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Get more out of your ATS

Findem connects seamlessly with your ATS and refreshes all profiles with the latest information. This helps you build pipeline from your existing, as well as external, talent pool.
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Findem collates profiles from all data

Turn diversity insights into action

Make diversity part of your talent search to build a truly representative pipeline. Unlock deep analytics to track how well you're progressing towards your goals.
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Source more candidates with the same team

Fill your funnel faster than ever with technology that never tires. Engage as many candidates as you need each day; 50, 5,000, 50,000... and meet your hiring goals.
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