New! State of Hiring and Recruiting Report for 2023

The deepest understanding of people with attributes to boost efficiency and reduce costs.

Findem recruiting CRM

Know the market like never before

Market Intelligence
Know where the talent is, what skills are available, and how to increase diversity with labor market insights based on the attributes that matter most.

You’ll be a valued partner to every stakeholder.

Take talent sourcing to the next level

Find exactly the right candidates, no matter how complex the criteria, with attribute-based talent sourcing and search powered by ethical AI to go deeper than the resume.

That’s how you hire ‘mission-driven’ ‘go-getters’, ‘verified code contributors’ or ‘quota achievers’.
Talent Sourcing
Findem recruitment management tool
Findem talent sourcing

Build tomorrow’s candidate pipeline today

Proactively engage employees and nurture talent across all sources - past candidates, alumni, referrals, and new applicants - to build qualified pipelines for future roles.

You'll cut sourcing spend, enable employee mobility, and hire faster for a win-win-win.
Proactive nurture

Optimize every step with recruiting analytics

Know what’s working, where to invest, and how to optimize processes with recruitment analytics at every stage of the funnel.

That’s how you do what you do with incredible efficiency.
Recruitment Analytics
Findem diversity recruiting

Simplify your talent tech stack

Talent acquisition. Recruitment management. Recruitment analytics. Market insights. All in one platform.

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The metrics and trends shaping talent acquisition in 2023


The metrics and trends shaping talent acquisition in 2023

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