Reimagine what’s possible, with People Intelligence

Unlock the integrated insights you need to make
strategic, data-driven people decisions and secure
your competitive edge

Reimagine what’s possible, with People Intelligence.

Unlock the integrated insights you need to make strategic, data-driven people decisions and secure your competitive edge

Empower your team to close talent gaps faster and build a more engaged, diverse org

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Harness the power of people intelligence to strengthen your competitive advantage

Understand what makes your top talent successful

Surface unbiased insights into your people and determine the attributes of success for each role

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Compare what your competitors can’t

Benchmark the attributes that matter to your business goals – internally, against your competitors and peers. See where you excel and what you need to improve

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Identify your capability gaps and retain the best talent

Build high-performing, diverse teams with happier people. You’ll reduce turnover and improve company performance

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Connect all the world’s people data

Use our pre-integrated data across all public sources and choose to connect your internal tools

Make smarter decisions with smarter systems

Enrich your HR tools with analytics and insights. Extend your existing workflows and develop a comprehensive, strategic view of your people

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talent delivered automatically

Get the right talent delivered to you automatically

Eliminate sourcing and fill your talent gaps at record speed with introductions to the most diverse, qualified, interested candidates delivered straight to your inbox

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We’re constantly looking for more strategic, data-driven ways to build happier, more diverse teams and maintain our talent edge. The ability to look at our internal people data under a new lens with Findem’s people intelligence, to drill down into the precise attributes we want in our talent, and to build a broader, informed strategy around it—now that’s a powerful proposition.

Ron Storn

Chief People Officer

For the first time, Findem connects all people data—across the public web and internal systems. It’s truly transformational! The platform uncovers insights I didn’t think were even possible that enable unbiased, data-driven strategies to be formed around talent planning, engagement, diversity, equality, and inclusion. It’s a must-have for forward-looking talent and people teams.

Barbara Massa

Executive Vice President & Chief of Business Operations, FireEye

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