RingCentral relies on Findem to build a high caliber, diverse global workforce

“Findem is my go-to for talent intelligence, funnel analysis, and competitor insights. It makes me and my team both more strategic and efficient so we can support growth and innovation across our entire global business.”

Alvin Lam
Senior Vice President of Talent
response rate over in-mail
increase in pipeline quality
more interest from URGs


  • Maintaining a strong pipeline of qualified talent for proactive hiring
  • Building a balanced workforce to reflect the diversity of RingCentral’s customers
  • Meeting leadership goals to attract and retain top talent


  • Hiring the right talent at the right time
  • Increasing recruiter productivity 
  • Creating a diverse slate of candidates to support DEI initiatives


  • Multi-channel talent acquisition and unified search across all hiring sources
  • Attribute-based talent search to find the best candidates faster
  • Personalized and automated candidate outreach and proactive talent nurture
  • Improved recruiter productivity and team efficiency with one consolidated solution

About RingCentral

RingCentral simplifies business communications to help more than 5 million people connect worldwide. As a leading provider of cloud communications and collaboration software with over 500,000 global customers, RingCentral is known as a disruptive and innovative force in the telecommunications industry. 

When SVP of Talent Alvin Lam needed a strategic talent partner to develop a high caliber, diverse global workforce, he turned to Findem. 

Adopting multi-channel sourcing to support top line goals

Before Findem, recruiters searched channel by channel to find the right talent. This created a slow and laborious recruiting process, missed potential candidates, and made it difficult to optimize tactics based on what worked. And on top of all the process challenges, RingCentral’s talent team needed to meet aggressive hiring targets while generating a balanced slate of candidates to meet DEI goals.

“RingCentral is known for innovation and service,” Alvin explains. “Our aggressive product delivery schedule requires incredibly hard-to-find engineering talent. On top of that, it’s critical to have the right sales team in place to meet revenue goals.”

Alvin and his global team of recruiters, sourcers, and program managers needed to create a highly predictable, high-quality talent pipeline with competitive intelligence. 

To hire the right talent, Alvin’s recruiters look for both SaaS and telecom domain experience in specific locations to support the company’s transition to hybrid work in one of 20 RingCentral hub sites. 

“When we started with Findem, we experienced a 40% increase in pipeline, and 40% more interest from underrepresented groups," Alvin says. "That has become a highly predictable, high-quality talent pipeline.”

With Findem, Alvin’s team was able to adopt a multi-channel talent acquisition strategy and quickly discovered that Findem’s Talent Data Cloud went far beyond sourcing. 

Investing in proactive candidate pipelines

Alvin quickly saw the potential for his team to build candidate pipelines proactively with Findem as opposed to relying heavily on reactive job postings. With Findem’s CRM and ATS rediscovery capabilities, the RingCentral team can nurture captive candidate audiences until the right role becomes available. Candidates who have already applied or who have been in an extended conversation with RingCentral’s talent team are faster to convert and yield highly motivated hires.

Finding exactly the right people to hire

With Findem, RingCentral finds exactly the right talent by tapping into the most advanced talent data cloud with attribute-based search. Recruiters build searches for any role in minutes and are able to apply the same criteria to inbound, internal, past applicants, and referrals through Findem’s integration with Workday. 

They are able to search with attributes such as “startup experience”, “worked at a company during IPO”, and “successfully scaled a department” to create highly targeted and diverse talent pools. 

“Across G&A, sales, product, and technology, we’ve had much better conversions since using Findem," says Alvin. "We can find the right people with the right skillset.”

According to Stephen Stewart, AVP of Talent Brand and Employee Engagement: “The amount of data available on potential candidates presents a massive opportunity to uncover exactly the talent you’re looking for. If someone has a digital footprint, you can find them with Findem.”

For executive search, Findem’s attribute-based talent search helped RingCentral hone in on candidates who can take the company to the next level. 

“If you want a CFO who has taken a company public and grown revenue from $20 million to $300 million. How do you search for that?” Stephen asks. “With Findem’s attribute-based search and Talent Data Cloud, you can find candidates who have had an impact on a [company’s] stock price. It’s the richest data set, unlike anything else you can find anywhere.”

Data-driven AI and nurture delivers 3x response rates

Attributes don’t just help the RingCentral talent team find candidates. Paired with AI, they provide insight into what might motivate a candidate to consider the opportunity. 

With Findem, Alvin’s recruiters are able to create targeted outreach campaigns based on key attributes and, within minutes, automatically send matched candidates outreach based on those attributes to maximize response rates.

 “I think Findem has really nailed it. Lots of CRMs let you nurture talent. But I don’t know of another tool where you can run a talent campaign, and know the members of the campaign well enough to target them with 1:1 messaging,” says Alvin.

In one case, the RingCentral team launched a campaign to 400+ top matches in one day and had screened 3 candidates by day 3. On day 7, an offer was extended and accepted. The campaign continued to run, resulting in 12 hireable, interested candidates to nurture for the next open position.

“Recruiters and sourcers who leverage automated campaigns see 2x to 3x response rate compared to in-mail,” said Stephen. 

Exceeding expectations with unmatched talent intelligence 

From hiring goals to diversity targets to workforce planning, Findem has hit all the marks and exceeded RingCentral’s expectations.

RingCentral has been able to adopt a strategic and proactive approach to workforce planning and talent acquisition with one solution for talent pool insights, funnel analytics and competitive benchmarking.

When it comes to DEI, RingCentral has received industry recognition for their efforts and Findem’s talent intelligence plays a key role. Alvin and his team use competitors’ diversity information to help close candidates by showing how RingCentral ranks in comparison.

And by replacing single-point solutions for outbound sourcing, internal candidate search, referrals, and managing high volumes of inbound applicants with Findem’s integrated solution, RingCentral’s talent team has been able to consolidate their tech stack, reduce spend, and improve recruiter productivity.

According to Stephen: “Recruiters and sourcers have access to the whole data cloud and to the metrics without having to switch tools or request reports. And the best part is Findem gets smarter about people all the time.”

“Findem is one of the best talent intelligence platforms I’ve seen for talent acquisition and engagement at scale. Whether you are hiring a smaller number of people with highly specific backgrounds or a large enterprise searching for 3000 roles, Findem does the work better and faster for you.”
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