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Recruiting challenge

A typical LinkedIn Recruiter search had worked well in the past, but lacked the volume and targeting to meet the current pipeline demand, particularly with respect to diversity hiring. The sourcing team became fatigued from spending entire days hunting in the same ways as their competitors for anyone who might be a match.

It was time to look outside the box to accelerate the discovery of interested candidates most fitting for the roles.

Recruiting solution

With Findem, RingCentral crafts candidate searches that result in a significantly larger and more diverse talent pool. Attributes such as “startup experience” and “worked at a company during IPO” and “successfully scaled a department” (and a million others) include and exclude matched candidates in a way that no other tool provides. The result is a more differentiated and diverse talent pool.

Within a few minutes of launching a search, RingCentral’s recruiters shortlist matched candidates and segment them for targeted outreach. Findem provides complete visibility into the talent pipeline and response rates so that sourcers and recruiters can fine-tune searches and target lists to align with hiring goals.

By using Findem, sourcing takes a fraction of the time for the RingCentral talent team with much more relevant results. Recruiters spend more of their day in conversation with truly interested candidates who have real potential to add value to the organization.

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