Why Findem for talent transformation?

Findem automates and consolidates top of funnel activities across your entire talent ecosystem, transforming the way you plan, hire, and manage talent.
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Powered by AI and our unique 3D data

Discover talent insights hidden in the data

Findem uses three dimensions of data – people, company, and time – to connect individual and company journeys and create enriched talent profiles that deliver unmatched insight and accuracy.

The result is a more detailed and granular understanding of a person’s experience, skillset, and impact than what was previously possible with manual research or from a user-generated LinkedIn profile.

Why Findem for AI talent acquisition?

Save time with AI automations and reduce costs by consolidating workflows across data sources and hiring channels.
Findem 3D profile enriched with attributes

Consolidate your talent tech stack

Findem brings all of your hiring channels together in one place, eliminating the need for underused, high-cost talent technologies and single-point solutions. Sourcing, CRM, and analytics are readily available in one platform, with the depth and breadth of data only available through Findem.

Generate pipeline today and tomorrow

Take a multichannel approach to talent, one that goes beyond reacting to open requisitions so you can focus on proactively building a talent pipeline for the future. Every hiring channel is available in every search, with each candidate’s enriched profile kept up-to-date with Findem’s unique 3D data.
Enriched Findem 3D profile with insights
Candidate scoring in Findem's Talent Data Cloud

Improve the experience for everyone

Workflow automation unlocks your ability to keep up with the scale of talent acquisition today. Automatically disposition applications to free up recruiters to reach out to top candidates in a humane and timely way — creating a better experience for hiring managers, recruiters, and everyone involved.

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“Findem is one of the best platforms I’ve seen to source at scale. Whether you are a startup hiring a small number of people with highly specific backgrounds or a large enterprise searching for 3000 roles, Findem does the work for you.”
Alvin Lam
Senior Vice President of Talent

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