Findem Live

Findem Live: Candidate Sourcing in 3D with AI

11:00 am
Travis Baker
Matthew Cuvala
Alper Tekin


Introducing Findem's Copilot for Sourcing

See what’s new at Findem: our first AI companion for candidate sourcing. Go from searching for talent one channel at a time to activating the best-matched prospects with a single click.

Available exclusively through Findem’s Talent Data Cloud, Copilot optimizes core sourcing operations with automated, intelligent search. Now, your team can instantly generate a shortlist of verified 3D profiles from an open job requisition in minutes.

Join our live demo and hear how Travis Baker, VP of Talent Acquisition at Boulevard, uses Findem to automate top of funnel activities so his team can focus on people.

Key takeaways

  • Simplify your sourcing strategy
  • Continuously identify best-matched prospects
  • Make faster connections that convert to hires

Findem Live is a 30-minute showcase of our latest platform innovations with product experts, customers, and talent leaders.

Meet the speakers

Travis Baker
Vice President, Talent Acquisition at Boulevard
Matthew Cuvala
Director of Professional Services at Findem
Alper Tekin
Chief Product Officer at Findem

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