has a journey.

Findem’s 3D data uncovers every journey by connecting people and company data over time.
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Our 3D data sources

Findem dynamically and continuously leverages a language model to generate 3D data from hundreds of thousands of data sources that are time ordered, including:
Profiles & Contact Data: LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow, Kaggle, Doximity, ResearchGate, WordPress, personal websites, and more
Census Data: US Census Bureau
Company Data: 400M+ company funding announcements and IPO details, business models of 8M+ companies, and 100k+ aggregated company and product categories
Verified Skills: 300M+ patents and publications, 5M+ open dataset and ML projects, and 200M+ open source code repositories & other public contributions
ATS Data: Applicant profile information from your ATS – BambooHR, Bullhorn, Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, Jobvite, Lever, Workday, and more

How does 3D data deliver the most holistic view of people?


3D enriched profiles

Automatically generate 3D profiles from a resume that show a person’s skills and experience over time.

Company impact

Go beyond job title to understand the impact someone has had on company growth.

Findem magic

Search for candidates with attributes that connect the dots between a person and a company’s journey.

Discover talent insights hidden in the data

Findem uses three dimensions of data – people, company, and time – to connect individual and company journeys and create enriched talent profiles that deliver unmatched insight and accuracy.

The result is a more detailed and granular understanding of a person’s experience, skillset, and impact than what was previously possible with manual research or from a user-generated LinkedIn profile.

Why 3D data?

1D data just isn’t enough

What’s listed on a resume or LinkedIn profile is a tiny snapshot of a person’s career. It takes time and effort to validate and enrich that limited view. So, most talent decisions are made on a narrow, 1D slice of person and company data.

People are more than their resumes

A person is more than their roles, titles, and skills; their experiences are the result of time spent at different companies, and in some cases, across different industries. 3D data takes the guesswork and speculation out of the process and makes an individual’s entire career instantly accessible and understandable in a profoundly new way.

AI makes it possible to find talent faster

Whether you have too little or too much data, simply adding AI to the talent tech stack won’t solve your problems. If anything, adding AI will only scale up the problems of inefficiency. AI powered by 3D data gives you the ability to do more than search your data and send automated emails; it gives you more visibility to enable smarter decision-making.
“The profiles surfaced in Findem are richer, and 3 dimensional. That means we can make better decisions, and have more confidence that we are reaching out to the right people,” said Travis. “Then we can pull out all the stops to make the hire happen.”
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Travis Baker
VP of Talent Acquisition

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