Inbound Management

Maximize ROI from inbound applicants

Make inbound your go-to channel for talent pipeline generation. Findem helps talent teams identify high quality, high-intent candidates instantly and process qualified talent for future opportunities.
Maximize ROI from inbound applicants

How do you find the best talent in a sea of applications?


Address inbound applications instantly

Quickly process any number of qualified inbound applicants by automatically ranking, filtering, and scoring candidate profiles in Findem’s Talent Data Cloud.

Add precision search to your ATS

Find the best match for the job no matter the volume of applicants with automated processing that won’t overwhelm recruiters.

Generate a diverse pipeline of talent

Review every applicant the same way, at scale, to avoid bringing bias to the prioritization process.
Findem automatically ranks, scores and filters inbound applicants

Faster time to slate

Findem automatically ranks, scores and filters inbound applicants based on your specific search criteria and requirements. By using 3D data and attributes to build each search and deliver better matches instantly, we deliver results at scale.

Improved candidate experience

Respond to every candidate in a timely and considerate way. Craft personalized, appropriate outreach and invite every qualified candidate to stay connected to your company and employer brand.
Improved candidate experience
Beyond outbound sourcing

Beyond outbound sourcing

Findem’s Talent Data Cloud is a single talent acquisition and management platform with AI and 3D data built-in to make inbound a high performing pipeline generation engine for your multichannel talent ecosystem.
“Findem will enable a small company like Boulevard to operate like a large company. We will be able to use AI to create a candidate generation engine and build candidate pools. When we are ready to hire, we’ll know who to hire."
Travis Baker
VP of Talent Acquisition

Add an intelligence layer to your ATS

Amplify your talent search and automate your processes with ATS and data integrations across 100,000 sources.
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