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Automated, intelligent search

Findem’s Talent Data Cloud integrates with your ATS and automatically generates search criteria from job descriptions when you open a requisition. Copilot then scours in-network and out-of-network data — from inbound candidates, ATS, and your CRM — for the best-matched talent. Still prefer Boolean? Your team can choose whether to dig into Boolean strings or leave the complexity to Findem.
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Continuous talent pipelines

Copilot analyzes active and interested candidates already in your ATS and CRM, prioritizing the warmest leads into a continuously updated, curated list of recommended prospects. With a single click, recruiters can send any number of profiles to hiring managers for review and speed up the candidate selection process.
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Verified 3D profiles

Every profile is enriched with Findem’s 3D data to ensure candidate contact details, work history, and information are accurate. Copilot surfaces unique insights directly in each candidate’s profile and makes sending a personalized message as easy as the click of a button.
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"Findem's Copilot is the next step towards a more autonomous and efficient top of funnel. Our team is able to focus on the people who have the highest likelihood of progressing through the funnel."
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Travis Baker
VP of Talent Acquisition

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