recruitment analytics

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

We give you full visibility into every stage of your talent funnel, with analytics across all candidate sources, not just Findem.
recruitment analytics

Pipeline Analytics before Findem

Manual, inefficient and slow - you don't know what's working and what's not

Unclear picture

You have nowhere near enough visibility into your talent funnel and where the inefficiencies lie.

Knowledge gaps

You have no idea which channels and recruiters are driving the best conversions.

Diversity is broken

It's clear your pipeline lacks diversity, but you don’t know exactly why or how to fix it.

Pipeline Analytics with Findem

Gather intel on your entire hiring process in just a few clicks

7 stages

View your conversion rates at every stage of the talent funnel, from your initial pool to hires made.

360° visibility

See which recruiters are bringing in the most candidates and from where. Analyze your successes and where your bottlenecks lie.

Diversity check

Get instant insight into the diversity of your talent pool and pipeline to inform your talent strategy.

1 solution

Consolidate multiple tools, data sources and manual hacks into one, central location.
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Strategic benefits

See what’s working and what isn’t
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Elevate the talent discussion
Share meaningful insights with hiring managers and executives about every stage of the talent funnel. Use these insights to inform strategic decisions.


Drive continuous improvement
Manage recruitment performance effectively across individual recruiters and whole teams. Build healthy candidate pipelines and focus your resources on sources that deliver.


Hire better people faster
Connect your pre and post-hire data to make smarter hiring decisions. Increase your quality of hire and talent diversity while shrinking your time to fill open roles.


Make a real impact
Put your diversity goals into action. Building a diverse pipeline starts with the talent search and gets impacted at every stage of the talent funnel. See what’s broken and fix it.


Get efficiencies at every stage
Stop wasting valuable resources on recruiting strategies that aren’t driving results. Pinpoint what’s working and what’s causing problems in your pipeline. You can reduce your cost per hire by up to 90%.

How Findem Works

Make faster, smarter hiring decisions

Start with attribute-based sourcing

Our unique AI uncovers candidates’ hidden attributes and automatically builds a talent pool of all the candidates who exactly match what you’re looking for. We build enriched profiles for every candidate and pull personal email addresses to set up your campaigns for success, drawing from all publicly available people data.

Unlock insights across all channels

We integrate seamlessly with your ATS to deliver deep pipeline analytics. For Findem-sourced candidates as well as those sourced from all other channels, you can answer your most essential questions around candidate flow, conversion rates, stage-by-stage targets, and the business impacts of unfilled positions. Attribution analytics will help you spend your time and money on the channels that matter.

Identify unique data trends

We’ve made it easy for you to see your talent funnel at a glance. You can also create custom reports at the individual recruiter and team levels to see who’s populating the top of the funnel with the most candidates and which strategies are driving conversions for every role.
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