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Measure what matters to your recruiting success

Findem gives you full visibility into every stage of your talent funnel, and competitive insights into talent location, diversity, and industry benchmarks.

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Too much guesswork in your strategy?

Unclear picture of your talent funnel and what’s working
Miss out on competitive candidates
Lack of visibility to make strategic decisions

Gather intel on your process and the competition’s

Drive continuous improvement in hiring

Consolidate multiple tools, data sources, and manual hacks into one, central location, integrated with your ATS. Answer your most essential questions around candidate flow, conversion rates, stage-by-stage targets, and the business impacts of unfilled positions. Attribution analytics will help you spend your time and money on the channels that matter, and identify optimal locations for future recruiting investment.
How attribute-search works

Elevate intake meetings to cut time to hire

Increase your quality of hire and talent diversity while shrinking your time to fill open roles. Create custom reports at the individual recruiter and team levels to see which strategies are driving conversions for every role and how to make the process more efficient. Put your diversity goals into action by examining diversity at every stage of the talent funnel. See what’s broken and fix it.
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Turn recruiting insights into a competitive advantage

Next level your workforce planning and hiring with deep insights into the labor market and competitor benchmarking. Benchmark any attribute internally or externally at a team or company level. You can also see how trends have changed over time, and use these insights to determine how your company stacks up while proactively identifying talent gaps.
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How Findem helps

Pipeline and funnel analytics

Manage recruitment performance effectively across individual recruiters and whole teams. Focus your resources with insights at every stage of the talent funnel.

Talent pool insights

Share meaningful insights with hiring managers and executives. Deep dive into a rich set of attributes including talent location, experience, and verified skills.

Talent mapping and competitive benchmarking

Inform planning decisions with talent mapping plus benchmarks for every company. View talent inflow and outflow analytics, org charts, and much more.

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