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2023 Q4 Talent Market Insights Report: AI/ML Engineers

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You'll learn:

The location and diversity of the AI/ML engineer talent pool in the US
How to find talent by verified skills including Python and cloud certifications
Where the biggest gender gaps are by location, job title, company, and skills

Our quarterly Talent Market Insights Report leverages Findem’s 3D data to investigate the current US labor market for top trends across specific talent pools.

This report focuses on software engineers and developers with AI and machine learning skills. Generated in October 2023 using Findem’s Talent Data Cloud, the report analyzes 600,000+ enriched profiles of real people in Findem’s Talent Data Cloud.

When you use Findem’s Talent Data Cloud to build a multi-channel talent pipeline, every search includes a talent market insights report. Use the report with hiring managers and leaders to identify talent gaps, gain a competitive advantage, and proactively nurture talent.

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