AI and a Multichannel Approach to Talent

9:00 am
Brett Coin


A conversation hosted by HR.com with Brett Coin, Chief Transformation Officer at Findem.

Today’s talent tech stack is siloed, disjointed, and relies heavily on direct sourcing and job boards. Will AI scale up your problem? Or change how you work?

Let’s get beyond jobs that will be lost when it comes to AI and start imagining the possibilities for how they will change. AI has the potential to elevate the overall impact of your team’s work and value to the business.

Key takeaways

  • Build a modern talent ecosystem and bring more value to the business
  • Use AI to understand data at a breadth and scale that would not be possible otherwise
  • Consolidate your tech stack and build automation into your talent strategy

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Brett Coin
Chief of Talent Transformation at Findem

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