Strategic pipeline building with multichannel talent acquisition

Optimize your talent acquisition strategy with one place to view and find talent across your entire ecosystem.
“The future of talent acquisition is about consolidated, multi-channel platforms like Findem. Consolidating tools across the talent ecosystem creates a profound impact on spend, analytics and reporting, as well as a better experience for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.”
David Malloy
VP of Global Talent Acquisition

Prioritize talent across all channels in one place

Go beyond external sourcing. See all your talent pool results in a single view, organized by channel from in-bound and internal leads to cold leads. Start your sourcing efforts where they'll have the most success based on conversion and match quality.

Know more about every candidate

See attribute-based insights and interaction details for every candidate without hunting across tools. Simply ask our AI Assistant to dig deeper into a candidate profile.

Enable employee mobility

Discover employees ready for their next opportunity while you’re searching for candidates.

Optimize your strategy with analytics

See which channels are delivering the best talent and what’s driving conversion at every stage of the talent funnel.

Optimize the 7 key hiring channels

Our checklist can help you assess your talent tech stack and optimize the 7 primary hiring channels.
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