Findem vs LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn has ruled the recruiting tech stack for 2 decades. But are you really finding the talent you need? Try Findem.

Why are people switching from LinkedIn Recruiter to Findem?


More matches in less time

Findem searches LinkedIn plus 100,000 more data sources AND your ATS at once. You’ll uncover top talent from inbound, outbound, and internal sources.

Diversity matters

Findem automatically generates a diverse talent pool so you can move the needle on DEI starting at the top of the funnel.

High response outreach

Shortlist hundreds of candidates with verified personal email addresses and automate engagement based on what makes them special.

But everyone is so used to LinkedIn Recruiter…

There’s a better way. Instead of looking for the needle in a haystack, look for the perfect needle in a pile of needles! Without precision searching, recruiters spend more time eliminating people from the list than recruiting them. That’s a lot of activity without much of an outcome, plus you miss anyone who doesn’t have an up-to-date profile. A better-matched list and automated outreach means you can recruit more candidates more easily.

What about my Boolean strings?

Bring them to Findem! Use Boolean operators to start your search. Then optimize the size of your talent pool based on where talent is located, company lists, years of experience, and much, much more. Add Findem Magic to uncover hidden pools of talent you won’t find any other way. We search by intent, not keyword. That means you find people who are more likely to be interested in you and the opportunity.

Hiring managers like LinkedIn

Add the Findem Chrome extension and let hiring managers view Findem results without leaving LinkedIn. Hiring managers are domain experts, but it can be tough to source a large enough pool of candidates based on their wishlist. Findem helps recruiters hone in on what makes an amazing hire with a large enough talent pool to source from.

What about diversity recruiting?

Findem AI makes sure every talent pipeline is representative without bias or barriers. We use data and people to estimate the probability of diversity in the talent pool rather than trying to guess the characteristics of each individual. More diversity at the top of the funnel is the most effective way to achieve diversity in your hiring.

What’s in it for leadership?

Findem shifts the recruiting conversation from tactical to strategic with unmatched data and analysis. Find the people who will bring value to your organization.
  • Full visibility into weekly recruiting activities and funnel metrics
  • Market mapping to uncover talent hot spots
  • Advanced analytics to move the needle on DEI
  • Benchmark against competitors or best-in-class
“The first slate generated with Findem hit the mark, and we made the hire in a matter of weeks. We created a candidate generation engine that we couldn’t manage with any other platform.”
Gina Blair
Lead Business Recruiter

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