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Find candidates you'll never find with keyword search strings

Karen Henke
Editor of the Shortlist
June 28, 2024

An open role is still sitting in your ATS, waiting to be filled. After months of scouring profiles and searching for the right hire, it feels like you’ve tapped out the talent pool. You’ve changed keywords and tinkered with job titles, but can’t find anyone the hiring manager will consider for a critical role.

What if you had automatically curated job titles to choose from that excluded the wrong skills and experience and instead uncovered the qualities you need to fill the role? It’s time to go beyond resumes and profiles to find the talent you need.

In this blog, I’ll dive into what we call curated terms and how they’re changing the way recruiters search for talent across some of the most sought after roles. We’ll show you how to expand your talent pool and hone in on the best-matched, most interested candidates. Curated titles vs keyword matches resulted in:

  • 24% increase in candidates for a sales role
  • 12% more candidates for a software engineering role
  • 40% more candidates for a CFO position

A smarter way to source candidates by job title and experience

Finding the right talent isn’t a software problem — it’s a data problem. Exact keywords and Boolean strings can be limiting, shrinking your candidate pool to those whose profiles match your search terms exactly.

Findem curated roles and skills broaden your talent pool by condensing various self-descriptions into singular concise terms.

Sourcing without keyword strings for software engineers

Let’s say you have a requisition open for a software engineer in your ATS. Start a project with Findem, and we’ll not only deliver the best-matched candidates for the role, but all of the profiles whose titles could be a match.

A software engineer could have ‘programmer’ or list ‘full stack’ in their official job title. A traditional search would miss all of the candidates with those slight, but relevant differences in their resume. The result of Findem’s approach is a 12% increase in candidates with 800+ additional titles included in the same search.

While a swath of more candidates sounds intimidating in the face of inbound overload, the caveat is that these aren’t just extra candidates. Findem’s Copilot for Sourcing sorts through thousands of profiles and leverages 3D data to instantly surface the top profiles — pulling from a larger people and company data lake to find talent you’d potentially miss.

Sourcing without keyword strings for CFOs

In a search for a chief financial officer (CFO), Findem curated titles yield 40% more CFOs and capture 1,000+ more titles than a traditional keyword search. We combine additional terms — “Group CFO” and “SVP” — that often show up in these executives’ profiles to deliver results that match a recruiter’s specific needs.

But that doesn’t mean you have to review hundreds of profiles. Findem automatically organizes the results, so you start with the best-matched talent from the highest intent hiring channel. 

Sourcing without keyword strings for enterprise account executives

Findem curated titles yield 24% more enterprise account executives and capture 1,000+ more titles than a traditional keyword search. While traditional searches miss phrases like “enterprise” and “strategic”, our curated terms ensure they’re pulled into every search and represented in every candidate slate.

Keyword searches leave recruiters in the dark

Only 8% of candidate profiles have the right keywords to match a typical job search. When recruiters build searches in the traditional way, they often start with exact job titles and specific Boolean strings. The results deliver a narrow, limited view of the entire talent pool. 

For example, a search for a software engineer with Python skills could return candidate profiles with experience working at the local zoo — not engineers with verified Python experience. Something similar could happen if a candidate lists “software engineer” on their resume and has a company’s preferred level of experience, but isn’t considered for the opening because they don’t have “senior” in their title.

Data inconsistencies like this not only leave recruiters in the dark, but lead to qualified candidates missing out on potentially career-changing opportunities. Where Findem differs is our 3D data, and how we deliver it to improve recruiter efficiency.

Save sourcing time with curated titles instead of keyword search strings

These curated terms enable any recruiter to tap into an array of expertise and experience without having to manually build searches or specify titles. By simply connecting their ATS or linking to an open job description, a recruiter can trust that Findem will deliver candidates with the skills, experience, and job titles that match their requirements.

That’s because our 3D data isn’t just the result of a wide reach; it goes beyond job titles and keywords by connecting people and company data over time. That way, you’re finding the best talent for your company, with a newfound understanding of their career journey, impact, and unique attributes.

Our approach to data simplifies every search for recruiters, saving them the time and effort it would normally take to build precise searches and return the right slate of candidates. 

Learn more about our Copilot for Sourcing and how you can move beyond keyword searches to automate every talent search with Findem.