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The Future CHRO - Leading through Transformation


A conversation with Dermot O’Brien, CHRO, CTO, Board Member

As “chief transformation officer” at ADP, Dermot O’Brien framed the company’s transformation performance agenda and helped to position the company for long-term success. Find out what it takes to lead a global organization through change and the essential role of the people team. 

Join Findem in conversation with Dermot O’Brien for a CTO/CHRO’s perspective on leading through transformation.

You'll learn how to:

  • Milestones on a roadmap for transformation
  • The role of data and analytics in guiding decisions
  • Challenges and opportunities while managing through change

Meet the speakers

Dermot O'Brien
Dermot O'Brien recently retired from Chief Transformation Officer at ADP and the prior CHRO at ADP and TIAA. With close to 20 years of reporting to CEOs and over 30 years of leading global HR teams, Dermot has deep operating business experience and possesses a special ability to embrace and engage the Human Balance Sheet through growth and change.
Karen Henke
Karen Henke is head of growth marketing at Findem and editor of the Shortlist. She brings 20 years of writing and research experience to lead research projects and the data blogs at Findem.

Watch the webinar

Watch the webinar

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