State of Hiring and Recruiting: Maximize the ROI of Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

11:00 am
Philip Gilsenan
X, the moonshot factory
Rick Savage
Karen Henke


A conversation with Philip Gilsenan, Head of Talent Operations, X, and Rick Savage, Head of Talent Solutions at Findem

In the final webinar of our State of Hiring and Recruiting series, we tackle the challenge of answering the essential question: Was it worth it? Did your talent acquisition strategy work?

Join us for a lively discussion with Philip Gilsenan and Rick Savage, two experts in talent operations, and maximizing ROI in the recruiting process.

As head of talent operations at X, Philip is using data to ask why we do what we do and how we can do it better. Rick leads engaging workshops to identify potential for improvement in People, Programs, Process, and Policies (P4) through Technology and Analytics (TA). What’s truly driving your ability to attract and retain top talent?

Key takeaways

  • Build a framework for analyzing results
  • Tap into your ATS for a goldmine of untapped candidate data
  • Identify the next leaders in talent ops
  • Customize an ROI calculator for your organization

Meet the speakers

Philip Gilsenan
Head of Talent Operations at X, the moonshot factory
Rick Savage
Head of Talent Solutions at Findem
Karen Henke
Editor of the Shortlist at Findem

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