State of Hiring and Recruiting: What Will Drive Efficiencies

11:00 am
Chris Galy
Karen Henke


A conversation with Chris Galy, Findem’s Chief Evangelist, Talent Crux Community founder, and former chief people officer at Couchbase.

Talent leaders are under intense pressure to prove their value to executive leadership and cut costs. Yet, 71% of talent leaders in our survey missed key hires due to inefficient processes, and more than half did not achieve their cost-per-hire goals. 

Chris Galy, Chief Evangelist at Findem, joined us to review the results of the State of Hiring and Recruiting Survey and share how talent leaders are changing the equation.

Key takeaways

  • What inefficiencies cause companies to miss key hires
  • Why the HR tech stack will be key to changing the cost-per-hire equation
  • What data you need to prove your business value

Meet the speakers

Chris Galy
Chief Evangelist at Findem
Karen Henke
Editor of the Shortlist at Findem

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