Findem Live

Findem Live: Turn Inbound into Future Talent Pipeline

11:00 am
Brett Coin
Matthew Cuvala
Karen Henke


Findem Live is a 30-minute showcase of our latest platform innovations with product experts, customers, and talent leaders. 

Swamped, buried, flooded. Is your ATS being overwhelmed by more applicants than your talent team can process? High volume inbound should not be a problem — it’s an opportunity!

Using Findem to automatically rank, score, and filter your inbound channel helps you find the best match today, and generate tomorrow’s talent pipeline with confidence.

Join our live demo to see how to quickly, efficiently, and equitably process your inbound channel for faster time-to-slate and long-term ROI. It’s a win-win-win for recruiters, applicants, and hiring managers.

Key takeaways

  • Rank, filter, and score every application instantly
  • Respond to everyone and create a great candidate experience
  • Build your employer brand by making the most of inbound

Meet the speakers

Brett Coin
Chief of Talent Transformation at Findem
Matthew Cuvala
Director of Professional Services at Findem
Karen Henke
Editor of the Shortlist at Findem

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