Power User Panel: Unlock More Recruiting Potential with AI

Grant Weinberg
Gina Blair
Travis Baker


AI helps you know the universe of talent that’s right for your company, so you can unlock the human potential for success.

But how do you get from AI as an idea to a practical application of AI to your recruiting workflow today?

We convened a power user panel of talent acquisition leaders and recruiters to discuss that topic. Listen in to the final session of the Findem Academy Workshop as they share their journey to adoption of new AI technologies and changing roles in recruiting.

Key takeaways

  • Best practices for adopting new AI technologies
  • How new technologies are changing roles in recruiting
  • Tips for change management in your organization
  • Why embracing technological innovation brings more heart to what we do

Meet the speakers

Grant Weinberg
Vice President, Talent Acquisition at Eikon
Gina Blair
Team Lead, Business Recruiting at Boulevard
Travis Baker
Vice President, Talent Acquisition at Boulevard
Tori Madonick
Associate Director, Talent Acquisition at Eikon
Brett Beauchamp-Russell
Senior/Executive Sourcing Recruiter at Intuitive Surgical

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