Reignite your Talent Acquisition Team for an AI Future

11:00 am
Chris Galy
Traci Wicks


A conversation with Chris Galy, Chief Evangelist at Findem, and Traci Wicks, SVP of Talent and HR Consulting at Discover Financial Services.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the talent acquisition space, putting pressure on leaders to prepare high-performing teams for the transformation.

Will the recruiter of the future be a scrum master, a coach, a prompt engineer, a brand marketer? Or all this and more?

In this webinar, Chris and Traci share how they plan to tackle these challenges and how you can set your teams up for success with AI.

Key takeaways

  • Build a team and prepare your people with the skills they need in the face of automation and AI
  • Transform the talent lifecycle and make everyone a recruiter with multi-channel talent acquisition
  • Work with IT to ensure ensure responsible and compliant use of AI, as well as widespread adoption

Meet the speakers

Chris Galy
Chief Evangelist at Findem
Traci Wicks
SVP of Talent and HR Consulting at Discover Financial Services

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