Findem Live

Findem Live: How Eikon Builds Highly-targeted Pipelines

10:00 am
Grant Weinberg
Tori Madonick
Matthew Cuvala


Findem Live is a 30-minute showcase of our latest platform innovations with product experts, customers, and talent leaders. Join the conversation to see how Findem helps teams plan, find, and manage talent with the data edge.

Discover the intelligence of Findem's Talent Data Cloud in our 30-minute solution showcase, where we demonstrate how the talent team at Eikon is finding exact matches and eliminating complex Boolean strings with attribute-based search.

Findem delivers the only talent sourcing solution that uses attributes to find talent for any role with unmatched precision and efficiency. Empower your talent team to spend less time toggling between tools and more time crafting engaging candidate experiences.

Key takeaways

  • Improve your quality of hires with Findem’s 3D data and attributes
  • Know more about every candidate with enriched profiles
  • Boost productivity by optimizing your talent tech stack

Meet the speakers

Grant Weinberg
Vice President, Talent Acquisition at Eikon
Tori Madonick
Associate Director, Talent Acquisition at Eikon
Matthew Cuvala
Director of Professional Services at Findem
Benton Li
Product Marketing Lead at Findem

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