State of Hiring and Recruiting: Building a Talent Ecosystem that Scales


A conversation with Brett Coin, advisor to Findem,  former Senior VP, Global Talent Acquisition at Okta.

Economic uncertainty hits talent teams first and hardest. At the end of 2022, 1 in 4 talent teams had reduced headcount, according to our survey. In down turns, talent leaders are asked to right size teams and reduce budgets to do more with less. In boom times, they have to scale. An effective, efficient end-to-end strategy is the key to both.

In this webinar, we share more results from our State of Hiring and Recruiting Report plus Brett Coin explains how to unlock an omni-channel funnel strategy that works in any economic cycle. Building a talent ecosystem that scales will help you refresh your approach and prepare for the next hiring uptick.

You'll learn

  • How talent leaders are managing through the downturn
  • Where AI is making a difference today
  • How to build a talent ecosystem to unlock all sources of talent
  • Why you need to sell your strategy to the c-suite

Meet the speakers

Brett Coin
Brett Coin is an advisor to Findem and most recently served as Senior Vice President, Global Talent at Okta. He brings over 20 years of recruiting leadership, primarily in the tech and software industries to Findem. His passion is building and developing teams to scale hiring as a go-to-market organization; by leveraging a product mindset and building a multi-channel, demand generation talent ecosystem.
Karen Henke
Karen Henke is head of growth marketing at Findem and editor of the Shortlist. She brings 20 years of writing and research experience to lead research projects and the data blogs at Findem.

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