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How to Make Your Talent Team More Data Driven and Strategic in 2021


You'll learn how to:

  • How to leverage AI and automation to make your talent team more strategic
  • How to increase diversity and quality of your hires in the fastest possible time
  • How to become more data driven and optimize your recruiting tech stack

Recruiting is your strategic advantage…but not everyone sees it that way. How do you shift the conversation away from recruiting costs and towards business enablement?

There’s no better way for Talent Leaders to do that than with the data-backed results that the right technology can provide. You’ll hire better-quality, more diverse people faster and directly align with the larger strategic mission of the business.

Join Tracy Edkins – former CHRO @ Splunk, Liv Anderman, Head of Marketing @ Findem and Michael J. Case, CEO @ Neptune People as we talk about how you can help your whole company understand the strategic value of Talent Acquisition by basing your assertions on data, not guesswork.

Meet the speakers

Tracey Edkins
Former CHRO @ Splunk Tracy is a global C-level HR executive and leader with 20+ years of deep experience as a business-oriented HR partner for pioneers and industry leaders including eBay, Starbucks and Splunk. She is known for being data-driven and innovative, with expertise in product, engineering, sales and marketing across commerce, service and technology sectors. Tracy supports organizations through times of significant growth, business turnarounds and re-invention, delivering improvements to business performance through strong partnerships and a deep understanding of the company, industry and culture. She is known for her repeated success scaling for growth while maintaining a strong, healthy culture and the ability to coach and mentor leaders to secure organizational effectiveness.
Liv Anderman
Head of Marketing @ Findem As Head of Marketing at Findem, Liv oversees all marketing strategy and execution from driving engagement and retention to positioning, messaging and sales enablement as well as creative, brand, and communications strategies. Prior to joining Findem, Liv was the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Smarsh, where she built the product marketing function from the ground up. Liv is known for creating high impact stories about SaaS products to complement a strategic, data-driven, and growth-focused GTM approach. Originally from the UK, she brings 10+ years of experience in enterprise B2B technology and law, having started her career as an attorney in London.
Michael J. Case
Formerly VP of Recruiting and E-team member at Instacart, Recruiting Director at Uber and Salesforce, and Exec Search for Apple, Michael brings 20 years of experience in the HR and Talent space and has built and managed teams of 50+ people. He is an executive coach, advising CEOs and scaling teams for startups in growth mode funded by top VCs in Silicon Valley and beyond: Khosla, a16z, KPCB, Battery, Sequoia, Accel, Lightspeed, Redpoint, Wing, DFJ, and more. Michael speaks Chinese and Japanese, and lived in Asia for 16 years; he remains active with the startup community in Asia and splits time between San Francisco and Tokyo.

Watch the webinar

Watch the webinar

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