How to Make Your Talent Team More Data Driven and Strategic

2:00 am
Tracey Edkins
Liv Anderman
Michael J. Case


Recruiting is your strategic advantage…but not everyone sees it that way. How do you shift the conversation away from recruiting costs and towards business enablement?

There’s no better way for talent leaders to do that than with the data-backed results that the right technology can provide. You’ll hire better-quality, more diverse people faster and directly align with the larger strategic mission of the business.

Join our conversation to learn how you can help your whole company understand the strategic value of talent acquisition by basing your assertions on data, not guesswork.

Key takeaways

  • How to leverage AI and automation to make your talent team more strategic
  • How to increase diversity and quality of your hires in the fastest possible time
  • How to become more data driven and optimize your recruiting tech stack

Meet the speakers

Tracey Edkins
Former Chief Human Resources Officer, SVP at Splunk
Liv Anderman
Vice President of Marketing at Findem
Michael J. Case
Former VP of Recruiting at Instacart

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