Findem Live

Findem Live: How Boulevard Collaborates with Hiring Managers

11:30 am
Travis Baker
Gina Blair
Annie Chrien


Findem Live is a 30-minute showcase of our latest platform innovations with product experts, customers, and talent leaders. Join the conversation to see how Findem helps teams plan, find, and manage talent with the data edge.

The talent team at Boulevard used Findem’s Talent Data Cloud to better collaborate with hiring managers during the candidate review process. 

Join our live demo to see how you can optimize your recruiting workflows to focus everyone’s time on engaging with the right talent.

Key takeaways

  • Build trusted partnerships across the business where hiring managers work in lockstep with recruiters
  • Optimize engagement through manager-led campaigns
  • Speed up hiring with collaborative candidate vetting‍
  • Curate exceptional candidate pools for niche roles with attribute-based search

Meet the speakers

Travis Baker
Vice President, Talent Acquisition at Boulevard
Gina Blair
Team Lead, Business Recruiting at Boulevard
Annie Chrien
Head of Product at Findem
Benton Li
Product Marketing Lead at Findem

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