Building meaningful company culture that helps you scale


How do you maintain and amplify your company’s culture as your headcount continues to grow? This is one of the most commonly asked questions by teams today and a very real concern for fast-scaling companies. It impacts everything from sourcing and talent acquisition to career pathing and even exit interviews.

Join us as we talk about how you can build a meaningful culture that attracts and retains top talent, while meeting aggressive hiring goals in 2022.

You'll learn

  • How to define the culture you want to build
  • Which attributes to hire for
  • Ways to keep focused on culture as you grow
  • How to manage the emotional as well as practical side of organizational change

Meet the speakers

Crystal Boysen
Crystal Boysen is the Chief People Officer at Vimeo. Crystal is a people-first leader driven by a passion for creating authentic and rewarding employee experiences that empower teams to do their best work. She believes a great company starts with its people and the intentional culture you create. She’s on a mission to make work human again and to provide a workplace where every individual can be their true self. Prior to joining Vimeo, Crystal was the Global Head of People at Canva. During her time at Canva, Crystal led a global team of 140 HR professionals and drove the People Strategy to enable Canva’s hyper-growth, growing their global workforce by 300% in 18 months while cultivating a culture that was recognized as one of Australia’s Greatest Places to Work.

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