Findem Live

Findem Live: Generative AI Comes to the Talent Data Cloud

10:00 am
Chris Galy
Annie Chrien
Benton Li


Findem Live is a 30-minute showcase of our latest platform innovations with product experts, customers, and talent leaders. Join the conversation to see how Findem helps teams plan, find, and manage talent with the data edge.

Ask Findem in our 30-minute solution showcase, where we demonstrate the new generative AI assistant available in Findem’s Talent Data Cloud dashboards, searches, enriched profiles, and campaigns.

Only Findem uses 3D data, combining people, company, and time data to provide entirely new data called attributes. Findem’s Talent Data Cloud is giving talent teams a competitive edge with ChatGPT-enabled insights across workflows so you can ask Findem questions that no one else can answer.

Key takeaways

  • Get started with trusted AI to ask questions about talent, summarize details, create content, and get results without exposing your data
  • Make your talent team more strategic with generative AI and the capabilities of the Talent Data Cloud
  • Boost productivity and innovation with generative AI

Meet the speakers

Chris Galy
Chief Evangelist at Findem
Annie Chrien
Head of Product at Findem
Benton Li
Product Marketing Lead at Findem

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