Recruiting and remote work in a post-Covid world


You'll learn

  • What’s working for companies today and what isn’t
  • How Talent leaders can influence the remote work conversation
  • How to handle location-based compensation
  • How remote work policies are affecting recruiting for diversity

COVID accelerated the adoption of remote work for virtually every company, resulting in both good and bad experiences. As organizations prepare for a post-COVID world, many plan to allow or even require workers to continue working remotely some or all of the time. Others are still grappling with what their policy is going to be. Whatever decision is made, there will be an impact on recruiting practices, employer brand, and company culture that talent teams will need to be prepared for going forward.

Join us for an exclusive masterclass on recruiting and remote work with Dave Gilbert, VP, Global Recruiting @ GitLab and Tracy Edkins, former CHRO @ Splunk, VP HR @ Ebay, and Head of HR @ Starbucks Canada.

Meet the speakers

Tracey Edkins
Former CHRO @ Splunk Tracy is a global C-level HR executive and leader with 20+ years of deep experience as a business-oriented HR partner for pioneers and industry leaders including eBay, Starbucks and Splunk. She is known for being data-driven and innovative, with expertise in product, engineering, sales and marketing across commerce, service and technology sectors. Tracy supports organizations through times of significant growth, business turnarounds and re-invention, delivering improvements to business performance through strong partnerships and a deep understanding of the company, industry and culture. She is known for her repeated success scaling for growth while maintaining a strong, healthy culture and the ability to coach and mentor leaders to secure organizational effectiveness.

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