Best Practices for Hiring and Retaining Veterans


A conversation with veterans about hiring and retaining veterans.

Randy Biskeborn spent 21-years with the US Navy and Air National Guard. He’s been on both sides of the veteran hiring process and recognizes the challenges of transitioning from the military to the civilian world.

As a member of Project Legion, Randy is partnering with committed employers and technology vendors like Findem to improve the chances that veteran candidates are considered and hired for open positions.

Join Randy and other veterans as they discuss the importance of hiring veterans, share their own personal stories of transition, and explain the benefits of a coalition like Project Legion.

You'll learn

  • Best practices for hiring and retaining veterans
  • The skills that translate from the military to civilian workforce
  • How Project Legion is matching veterans to civilian jobs

Meet the speakers

Randy Biskeborn
Veteran and Former CEO, Lumin8 Transportation Technologies

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