3 tips from TA Leaders about how to hire strategic talent

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Webinar Overview

Today’s recruiting landscape is candidate-driven and highly competitive. Modern candidates have access to more information about companies than ever before. Highly sought-after talent often engages with multiple companies at the same time, even when they’re not actively looking for a new role.

For a company to stand out, TA teams need to use highly targeted strategies to source, attract, engage, and close top candidates who are really going to move the needle for their business.

The fact that everyone is working remotely adds an additional layer of complexity. While it opens up a whole world of previously inaccessible candidates, it also means that candidates have more choice of employers and that traditional recruiting methods may no longer work as effectively. Last but not least, there is pressure from leadership to hire top-quality, diverse talent.

Join Alvin Lam, VP Employee Success, Global Talent Acquisition and Michael J. Case, CEO of Neptune People as they discuss 3 things every talent leader needs to do to hire strategic talent.

You’ll learn:

– How to source top-quality talent

– How to build a strong employer brand

– How to effectively engage latent talent