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Findem transforms the way you find talent by automatically sending you diverse, qualified, top-rated candidates 

Spend less than 10 minutes per role

How Compass streamlines your day so you can focus on the candidate experience



Define your ideal candidate

Describe who you’re looking for in your own words and get precise matches to open roles in a matter of minutes

Choose your people sources

Build a pipeline of external and internal candidates from public data, HR systems, and your ATS – all in one place

Automate personalized campaigns

Run multi-phased, automated campaigns from anyone in your org to drive warm introductions to each candidate


Meet interested, qualified candidates

Receive qualified, diverse and top-rated candidates delivered to you automatically when they show interest

It’s as simple as putting in your candidate wish list

so you can get back to the fun part of your job
attribute-based matching
Attribute-Based Matching

Access 1M+ attributes across all people and companies


Create your ideal candidate profile

Eliminate the messy step of keyword searches. Find exact matches to job specs from collections of desired attributes


Refine what you’re looking for

Review tangible and intangible attributes across people, companies, skills, schools, and more


Access enriched candidate profiles

View all current information about each candidate from internal and public data sources in one place 


Automate your candidate pipeline

 Streamline internal and external matches in one, central platform

Mirror Profiles

Find your next superstar by starting with top talent


Mirror the attributes you want

Use employees or connections in your network as the basis of your search by simply typing their name into Compass


View a list of all candidates

See all people just like the person you want to replicate, either with the experience they have today or at a different stage in their career


Remove human bias with a Diversity Check™️

Broaden the diversity of your talent pool right from the start and build a pipeline that’s truly aligned with your representation strategy


Improve coordination and efficiency

Streamline processes between you and hiring managers by inputting the exact attributes they are looking for 

mirror profiles
market maps
Market Maps

Open up a complete view of the market and access latent talent


Review candidates by companies

View candidates based on where they work and filter results by specific needs such as business model, funding stage, or revenue


Identify patterns and trends

Get greater visibility into your candidate pool in any location. Build a more informed talent strategy with a holistic view of the talent market


Tap into hard-to-find talent

Unlock access to talent that is not accessible using traditional searching tools to make your candidate list broader and more diverse

Dynamic Org Charts

Find candidates by reporting structure automatically


Search easily by reporting structure

Don’t be restricted to searching only by job titles because titles alone can be misleading


Run complex org chart searches

Unlock full org chart insights and find candidates with the experience, location or reporting structure you need without opening each chart


Build pipeline automatically

Build org chart-enabled matches and eliminate manual processes for hard-to-find leadership, exec or board-level roles


Get up-to-date org charts

See the latest org charts for every company anytime you want to see the current state of play

org chart
ATS enhancement
ATS Enhancement

Make your ATS smarter with enriched people data


Add new candidates into your ATS

Seamlessly add candidates that you’ve found through Compass without duplicating candidates or keeping redundant information


Discover new candidate attributes

Analyze ATS data including interview feedback, application source, and interview panel to find new attributes for your talent searches


Update outdated candidate profiles

Directly populate profiles in your ATS with current information pulled from the latest public and internal people data


Find hidden talent in your ATS

Discover candidates that have the attributes you’re looking for, analyze inbound resumes and add matches to your pipeline – all automatically

Campaigns & Introductions

Save time with automated, personalized campaigns


Personalize your outreach

Increase engagement by using enriched candidate profiles to build automatically templatized, personalized campaigns for each candidate


Enable multiple senders

Campaigns can include messages from multiple people in your organization via email or text


Ensure GDPR and CCPA compliance

Make sure you’re connecting with consenting candidates across your entire recruitment workflow


Receive warm introductions

Meet interested candidates and easily identify connections to existing employees to speed up the engagement process

campaigns and introductions

Take back control of your recruiting with Compass

Our customers achieve amazing results

Findem is absolutely incredible! It automatically delivers the most qualified, top-rated candidates. You get results within a matter of minutes and can fill open roles within weeks. It’s dramatically reduced our time to hire. Hands down the best tool we have ever used in recruiting!

Nancy Tumacder

Accounting Finance Recruiter, Murdock Martell

Our team loves using Findem as our main tool for sourcing and recruiting—it delivers amazing results! The campaign feature has increased our candidate response rate exponentially. We also love that we can combine all of our tools into one and collaborate easily with team members in one place.

Camilla Lever

Head of HR and Recruiting, Coder