Sourcing targeted candidates faster 

About Workshop Digital

Workshop Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Richmond, VA. They’re focused on helping exceptional businesses grow through results-driven marketing that combines technical expertise with calculated marketing strategy. 

Recruiting challenge

The team struggled with a lack of talent pipeline and an inability to compete with top companies for high-quality candidates. They also lacked the infrastructure required to manage sourcing, outreach, and tracking, resulting in an overburdened recruiting team that couldn’t gain any traction. 

Recruiting solution

Findem’s platform saved Workshop Digital countless hours and allowed the team to source, engage, and hire candidates at a fraction of the cost. Their pipeline has tripled since partnering with Findem, and they’ve got a calendar full of interviews.
With Findem performing searches and automated outreach in the background, Workshop Digital has been able to ramp up their growth efforts and scale to new heights.

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