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About the company

A venture studio partners with founders to build Web3 startups. The company’s head of people and talent not only hires for their core team, but recruits project co-founders and executive leaders to launch Web3 businesses with their support.

The challenge

The company wanted to hire 3 executive roles by the end of the year, but not just anyone with traditional c-level experience. Candidates needed a product background, founder experience, an understanding of financial markets in India or Indonesia, work history at a company that managed gold or crypto investing, and would be excited about the opportunity.

Unlike typical searches for full stack engineers, this particular search presented unique challenges. Namely, a small roster of companies with similar qualifications to draw from, and an even smaller talent pool of candidates with the right mix of product experience and founder qualities.

Finding candidates with such unique requirements would normally mean adding 3 or 4 additional tools to the process. The company turned to Findem, instead.

The solution

Rather than adding bloat to the tech stack, the company chose Findem to automate sourcing and outreach for these critical hires with one tool. With Findem’s attribute-based search, the company filtered their search with required qualifications and immediately uncovered 7 people who fit the profile, then used the “like” company feature to expand their market insights.

Talent pool insights and search results in hand, the head of people and talent worked with hiring managers to calibrate criteria and expand the pool as needed. Hiring managers often overestimate the number of possible candidates. Working together, they could see exactly how many candidates were available and have confidence that they were reaching out to the right people.

Findem’s 3D data and attribute-based search ensured they could discover the handful of people in the world who check all the boxes, increasing stakeholder trust and creating better alignment on hiring expectations.

The next step in the process was reaching out to the select few candidates with the right skills and attributes. Using Findem’s drip nurture campaigns, the company targeted emails to candidates, sent on behalf of hiring managers and managing partners. 

The outcome

With Findem’s help, the company hired for 3 executive roles and has created a healthy pool of qualified candidates. They can continue with targeted outreach, or tap the ecosystem for referrals and new opportunities in the future.

They’ve found that Findem’s pre-built searches can be tweaked for any of their portfolio companies, and their nurture campaigns adjusted to come from different stakeholders. This level of customization makes it easier to find the right candidates and saves budget from having to hire a dedicated sourcer.

Findem helps the venture studio build trust with stakeholders by finding the rare talent needed to power Web3 companies.

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