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“We get far better (and far more) results with Findem than we did with anything else.”

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About the company

An innovative software company based in Silicon Valley is leveraging cloud and AI technologies to drive the next generation of “smart homes.”

The company is in high growth mode with doubling revenues and needs to double headcount across the business in the next 12 months.

The challenge

Siloed search efforts slow team down

To remain on the cutting edge, the company hires a significant number of data scientists and engineers who specialize in machine learning and AI. For all positions, they seek individuals who have previously succeeded in dynamic, high-growth SaaS companies.

“Since we’ve started using Findem instead of traditional sourcing tools, each of our recruiters has regained 1.5 days per week to apply to other things. Findem is such a time saver!”

Time wasted on wrong candidates

The company’s previous recruiting stack consisted of the usual suspects: LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and other legacy platforms.

The in-house recruiting team would spend 5 or more hours per role scouring multiple platforms for profiles with keywords matched to their job descriptions. Inbound applications were even more of a time drain.

80% to 90% of the candidate pool that inbounded to the recruiting team through traditional methods weren’t worth a phone screen. As a result, the team spent significant amounts of time sourcing and reviewing candidate profiles without finding candidates for consideration.

Cumbersome outreach

Finding talent is just the beginning. In the competitive job market, the next challenge is getting their attention. Without an integrated, automated outreach system in the tech stack, the team spent more hours searching for personal email addresses, writing personalized messages, and then sending those messages via multiple disconnected platforms.

“With Findem, we spend just 10-30 minutes per role – including sourcing AND outreach – compared to 5 or more hours spent scouring LinkedIn for people we might want to contact. We get far better (and far more) results with Findem than we did with anything else.”

The solution

The recruiting team needed a better way to find qualified, interested candidates from any channel. That’s where Findem came in.

The right person for the company

With Findem, the recruiters create an ideal candidate profile that includes skills and experiences plus qualities and characteristics such as a startup mentality, high-growth experience, industry expertise, and experience working on successful SaaS products.

A talent pool of keyword-matched candidates may all have a background in machine learning, but Findem allows the recruiters to narrow the pool to only those individuals with experience at fast-growing SaaS startups. Toggling different attributes results in a fine-tuned pipeline of precisely matched high-quality candidates.

With its attribute-based searching, Findem generates hundreds of attribute-matched profiles instantly, saving the team hours of manual searching for each role.

Instantly shortlist of the top candidates

Findem’s shortlist feature is the perfect companion to the larger and denser talent pool the platform provides. With a single click, the company’s recruiters can automatically shortlist the top 50, 100, 200, or 500 Findem matches and add them to the personalized outreach campaign. Over time, they have perfected searches and outreach for particular roles.

“I can flip on a Findem search and receive replies from interested, qualified candidates the next day. The ability to turn the knob and see results right away is amazing.”

Easy, automated outreach campaigns

This recruiting team estimated that they could reach out to only 30 new candidates per week using previous methods. With Findem, they can automate personalized drip campaigns to the personal email addresses for each candidate. Now, each recruiter can create a customized campaign, schedule it, select the candidates to include, and then sit back and wait for replies to fill their inboxes.

The team often sees the highest response rate after the second or third message in a series and, with Findem, their team can focus on filling other roles while they receive responses to those messages. As a result, the talent team has a steady stream of interested, high-quality candidates waiting to speak with them.

“With Findem, I’m reaching people who are passive lookers so they don’t have 5 other companies chasing them. When I get them in the interview process, they are more likely to close. Of the 30 people I placed, I had zero turn downs and 65% of my hires were sourced from Findem.”

These recruiters have time to develop a genuine rapport with the candidates who are best suited to the company, and to close the loop with candidates who do not progress, creating a strong pipeline of potential candidates.

“I did a marketing operations search and had 5 candidates who I could hire. They all came from Findem. No doubt Findem is the best sourcing and engagement platform in the industry.”

The outcome

Nurturing great people for future roles

Findem has hugely improved the quality and composition of this team’s recruiting pipeline. The company now has a candidate pool packed with at least 10 times the quantity of high-quality candidates who are a great fit for the company. Since using Findem,the recruiting team have developed a rapport with people who aren’t available for a current opening but warrant consideration for future openings. Likewise, candidates sourced with Findem have referred the these recruiters to their peers who are equally well-suited to open positions and may be interested.

Moving the needle on diversity

“We recruited 3 VPs, all women, and a director who was a man from an underrepresented group. We did not try to hire diverse candidates, but had a large and diverse enough talent pool to make those hires.”

The recruiting team compares Findem to having an in-house sourcer who is dedicated to finding candidates, screening the best matches, and lining them up for a conversation with a recruiter.

The talent team reports that about 90% of the candidates they get via Findem are people they want to interview. Their confidence in match quality is so high that the team has fast-tracked Findem candidates straight to a meeting.

“I recommend Findem all the time. Findem is the only platform that mirrors how you think as a hiring authority and finds what you are looking for. It’s one of my top resources when I am searching for talent.”
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