Streamlining the hiring process

“I trust Findem to keep working when I’m interviewing, syncing with hiring managers or even sleeping (though there isn’t much rest when you’re building a rocketship)! I can track results in the analytics and email dashboard and save hours every day.”

Eryn McHugh
Head of Talent, Thunder
45 days
world-class leadership hires in 2022
saved everyday

Streamlining the hiring process

How Thunder uses Findem to increase efficiency, decrease time to hire, and source world-class talent.


The challenge 

Thunder is a remote Salesforce consulting partner founded in San Francisco, CA, that helps companies maximize their Salesforce investment to have a resounding impact on their business success. The startup currently has just over 50 full-time employees, and has an ambitious growth plan to hit, along with a commitment to achieving explicit DEIB targets.

“In a growing, early-stage consultancy, we look for any and all ways to automate and streamline our process. I was shocked when I first started digging into the Findem platform because I hadn’t heard about it before - and I pride myself on keeping abreast of the best talent tech tools in the market.”

Eryn McHugh, Head of Talent

An early-stage startup with no recruiting function

Starting from scratch, Thunder needed to build out an entire recruiting function. During the first year, they primarily relied on their network for referrals, and partnered with external recruiters specializing in Salesforce. When Eryn came on board a year later, her first mandate was to build a lean but effective tech stack. 

Needed more automation and tool consolidation

As the sole recruiter behind Thunder’s hiring push and goal of doubling in size during the fiscal year, Eryn needed a way to automate her low-value activities so she could use her time and strategic energy optimally. Her priority was building a stellar candidate experience that attracts top-tier candidates to the company, not simply spending hours manually sorting through profiles.

“Salesforce is a vast ecosystem, but also a small world. I’m always cognizant of candidate experience, because our reputation is on the line in the Salesforce community. Findem helps support a consent-oriented, organic candidate experience that helps us attract the most in-demand candidates.” 

The solution 

Thunder wanted configurable software that allows them to control and brand candidate outreach to attract top-tier candidates to the company. They chose Findem to make it happen. 

An all-in-one recruiting platform

Findem gives Eryn the ability to source top talent, perform email campaigns and outreach, and easily track campaign results. On top of that, Findem integrates seamlessly with Greenhouse, Thunder’s existing ATS. 

Eryn is now able to streamline the work of 3 different tools in Findem’s comprehensive platform.

“I don’t have to code-switch all day long and lose productivity.”

Highly-targeted sourcing campaigns

Findem met Thunder’s need to source for very specific technical skills within the Salesforce ecosystem. In one instance, they ran an ultra-specific and personalized campaign to just 17 prospects who fit their search requirements. Now it’s much easier for Eryn to find people who truly are a fit for the company and send highly personalized outreach to increase the likelihood of a response. 

The outcome

After just a few months of using Findem, Thunder had made 2 critical hires, according to Eryn, “These were 2 incredible, world-class hires who have the potential to make or break the company.” 

A considerable part of Thunder’s hiring initiative is focused on increasing diversity and thought leadership at their crucial growth stage. Eryn used Findem’s email campaign tools to create highly personalized emails that got their perfect candidate’s attention – a senior solutions architect that also meets their DEI leadership goals. 

Findem gives Thunder the ability to define their ideal candidate, then create a highly-detailed search to find and connect with candidates.

Reduced time-to-hire through targeted campaigns

In the Salesforce ecosystem, there are a significant amount of mergers and acquisitions, which can leave a lot of high-quality candidates feeling displaced in their new situation. The ability to use Findem to run specific campaigns to candidates at those companies, when the acquisition is happening, has proven to be an effective strategy. 

As a fast-moving team, a short time-to-hire is critical, but they are not willing to sacrifice quality just to fill a position. With robust sourcing tools and the ability to easily automate and track campaigns, Findem has helped Thunder hire world-class candidates well within their 45-60-day hiring target.   

“I feel like Findem has been a secret weapon of our success over the last year - and will continue to be a real partner and go-to tool for us.”
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