About Rula

Rula Health enables thousands of therapists to deliver online therapy, anytime and anywhere, working with insurance providers for payment. It is the perfect solution for these times with more people seeking help and open to virtual care than ever before. The Rula platform matches patients with exactly the right provider according to their needs, availability, and insurance accepted.

Recruiting challenge

A 4-month campaign with a sourcing solution resulted in zero suitable candidates and negligible impact on diversity goals. Despite all the Rula recruiting team’s efforts, the sole hire came from a referral. The team had little to show stakeholders for their efforts. They needed quality and quantity of candidates to deliver as a talent acquisition team.

Recruiting solution

Findem helps Rula to identify talent and quickly winnow the pool to candidates who will be most likely to find a high-growth tech start-up appealing. Thanks to Findem’s attribute-based searching, the team can define the precise characteristics of the talent that is required and Findem’s algorithms do the rest. Within just 4 weeks of deploying Findem, Rula doubled the size of their engineering team.

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