“We have been able to make 10 amazing hires using Findem in a short period of time.”

Ankush Goyal
Engineering Leader, Narvar
increase in candidate outreach
10 hires
made with Findem
reduction in time-to-hire

Hire for highly specialized roles in ¼ the time

About Narvar 

Based in the Bay Area and with large offices in India and Europe, Narvar is an intelligent customer experience platform. Narvar helps 800+ top retailers ensure every touchpoint along the consumer purchase journey engages consumers and fosters emotional connections with their blue-chip brands.

Recruiting challenge

As the company entered high growth, the recruiting team sought new AI technologies to increase their sourcing capability and support their demands for candidate volume and quality. The team knew that by searching across additional dimensions and with more customization, they’d retrieve a much higher volume of high-quality, matching candidates.

Recruiting solution

Narvar has been able to centralize their sourcing and outreach activities within the Findem platform. Findem’s attribute-based search enables the team to define and select tangible and intangible characteristics that are more integral to a quality hire than just the keywords on a resume. Findem is the only solution providing this kind of customized attributes. This efficient and strategic practice has led to a continuous pipeline of quality, interested candidates drawn from multiple sources - and 10 top engineering hires.

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