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About Heap

Heap is the most advanced digital analytics platform for product builders, growth marketers, and fast-moving analytics teams. The company’s innovative technology illuminates hidden opportunities for clients to quickly improve their products and accelerate their businesses.

Recruiting challenge

When Heap closed its Series D funding, it had the resources to scale its global operations and accelerate R&D, but needed to hire critical talent in engineering, software development, and product design. Traditional sourcing and hiring practices couldn’t scale fast enough to meet the specific demands of hiring managers – and they had very specific skills in mind.  

Recruiting solution

Heap chose Findem to scale up their recruiting and hire top talent faster. Findem allows the team to define highly-specific attributes not supported on other platforms, such as “background in data science” or “worked at a growth company,” along with a suite of automation tools and access to extensive candidate pools. As a result, Heap improved their response rate to 60% and has already made 2 top-quality hires using Findem.

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