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About Booster 

Booster is a startup that has reimagined energy supply chain logistics. The company’s app-based service brings mobile fuel stations to office parks, fleets, campuses, and consumers on-demand – preventing 1.4 pounds of CO2 with each boost delivered.

Recruiting challenge

As a rapidly growing business in a ‘candidate’s market’, the challenge is increasing for the Booster recruiting team. Their use of point solutions like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor and others is no longer adequate to meet demand. The team set out to explore a new in-house tech stack that would improve funnel health and accelerate the time to hire quality candidates. 

Recruiting solution

With Findem, Booster has succeeded with its initial objective: filling the top of the funnel with quality candidates and optimizing for conversions at each stage. Next, the team plans to leverage Findem’s analytics to reduce the cost to hire and to support the company goals around diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

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