“I’ve never before seen a product that does everything Findem does. This is a game changer. ”

Laura Feldman
Technical Recruiter, Armorblox
3 weeks
to first hire
candidate profiles accessed
engineering team

Quickly find and hire the hidden gems

About Armorblox 

Armorblox is a cyber security leader based in Sunnyvale, CA, and known for developing the world’s first natural language understanding (NLU) platform to help prevent cyber-attacks. With such a cutting-edge and highly technical mission, they require a steady stream of specialized software engineering talent and data management experts.

Recruiting challenge

Armorblox had been responding to their hyper-growth with only a small in-house recruiting team. In order to achieve their hiring goals and develop a modern recruiting operation, Armoblox knew it was time to leverage the efficiencies of artificial intelligence and automated sourcing.

Recruiting solution

With Findem, Armorblox was able to cast a much wider net in their sourcing efforts and double their engineering talent. By using Findem, Armorblox has access to over 750 million candidate profiles across all people data. Additionally, Armorblox has found candidate profiles that are solid matches with more comprehensive profiles than what traditional tools provide.

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