Raising the bar on candidate experience

“I had a goal of 100 reach-outs a week for one role, and that took hours of time every day. Now, I hit my goal in one day and have the rest of the week for more strategic initiatives."

Lindsay Brandys
Recruiter, ALT
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Raising the bar on candidate experience

How ALT uses Findem to attract qualified, interested candidates and focus on talent.


The challenge

ALT is a remote-first, fintech startup on a mission to transform investing by unlocking the value of alternative assets. To achieve its mission and maintain growth, ALT is seeking top talent with startup experience in the fintech market.

Struggling to recruit as an early-stage startup

For an early-stage startup, recruiting can be difficult in a competitive industry. With a newly developed brand, ALT had to rely on manual sourcing and word-of-mouth. Sourcing felt like an uphill battle before they could start the fun of sharing an exciting new opportunity with qualified candidates.

Too many tools, too little quality

ALT’s small recruiting team used a variety of popular sourcing tools, building comprehensive searches on each site. When they did find candidates, contact information was often missing or outdated.

It required a lot of switching gears. For a two-person team, sourcing took away valuable time that should be dedicated to the candidate experience.

“I love being a recruiter. It’s where the employee journey starts. But the hours I spent sourcing were strenuous, I was exhausting one talent pool and moving to the next when the candidate quality just wasn’t there.”

The solution

ALT needed to streamline the recruiting process and improve the quality of their candidate experience to achieve their hiring targets. They chose Findem.

“Findem allows us to find people by attributes in addition to skill set and that drives up our response rate, leading to a better candidate experience. Findem has been huge for our hiring process.”

A powerful sourcing tool

Findem helped ALT improve its candidate search quality across the board. Unlike other platforms, Findem makes it easy to find and connect with candidates who have the specific experience and background needed for a fast growing fintech company.

Instead of spending 2-3 hours per day to hit a 100 reach-out goal per week, it can be done in just a few hours. By automating many sourcing and outreach tasks, they have more time to engage with interested candidates in a more personalized way.

Increased accuracy with automated outreach

ALT’s email outreach response rate has doubled since adding Findem to their tech stack. The high degree of email accuracy and customized drip nurture campaigns gives the recruiters a chance to warm up qualified talent and increase engagement. The higher response rates mean that ALT recruiters can source fewer candidates with even better quality results.

“I have time to do more A/B testing with our email campaigns and see what’s actually landing for different types of roles and levels.”

The outcome

ALT made their first hire less than one month after starting Findem. Senior level roles at early-stage start-ups are notoriously hard to source for and also critical to the organization’s success.

To hire for a  director level role, ALT sought candidates with startup experience in fintech, along with more niche areas like NFT’s and lending. ALT’s recruiters used Findem to source across hundreds of data sources using pre-built lists such as “CB Insights Top 8 General Lending and Marketplace Firms”. Then layered in experience at a company when it was at seed or Series A funding level.

They connected with matching candidates, and were able to reach out to qualified candidates who were more likely to be interested in the opportunity. Seeing Findem work so well for this leadership role increased Lindsay’s team’s confidence in relying on the tool for executive searches.

An improved candidate experience

With automated sourcing and outreach to a more qualified pool of candidates, ALT’s recruiting team can turn to strategic initiatives. The team is spending more time on personalized touches with candidates, maintaining a healthy talent pipeline, and supporting the complete employee journey at ALT.

“Findem makes me really happy because I have more time to focus on the candidate experience and still hit my goals. I have more work-life balance with Findem.”

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