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Findem’s year in review: 2023

Austin Belisle
Senior Marketing Manager
December 19, 2023

Artificial intelligence was the star of the show in 2023, and it’s unlikely to give up center stage in the coming year. Individuals on talent teams are just starting to experiment with AI, whether to prompt ChatGPT for outreach templates, to help write job descriptions, or to even draft goals and reviews.

Some are excited about AI’s potential, while others ponder how to responsibly integrate it into the talent tech stack. However you feel about the next wave of innovation, it’s clear there hasn’t been disruption like this since the advent of the Internet.

Behind the excitement, there’s also deep concern about AI; if it’s so powerful, will it lead to layoffs and job losses? We believe roles and responsibilities on talent teams will only evolve and grow with these changes, and that those who adapt will become even more valuable at their companies.

At Findem, we’re not just thinking about the transformative possibilities of AI, but about the data making these advancement possible. Every day, talent teams rely on data to decide who to promote, who to hire, how to uplevel employee skill-sets, how to build diverse teams, and so much more.

As we reflect on 2023 and ahead to 2024, we’re proud to have stayed true to this promise — to give talent teams the 3D data and AI insights they need to not only make the right decisions about people, but to prepare them for the future.

Join us as we look back on all that’s happened in the past 12 months and our hopes for the year ahead!

Take a look back at the The State of Hiring and Recruiting in 2023

We started the year by surveying 300 HR leaders to find out how they track success and where they see room for improvement. Many found themselves in the same boat, with trouble looming on the horizon — pressure to meet impossible goals, high burnout, and a split on the role of AI in addressing bias.

While the talent landscape has changed significantly since January, our findings can still help you hire top talent, meet your goals, and avoid burnout.

We asked a handful of experts and guests to join us and respond to the data. You can see their answers and watch the webinar replays here:

See how Findem took generative AI to a new level in recruiting

Since Findem launched in 2019, our unique approach to data has helped companies find talent no one else can find, speed hiring, and meet or exceed their DEI goals. Building on that data foundation, we embedded AI assistants throughout the Talent Data Cloud, making it possible to ask Findem anything in searches, candidate profiles, dashboards, and campaigns.

For example, you can click on a candidate’s enriched profile to explore their experience and company highlights. Find a match? Just ask Findem for help: “Can you summarize this for a hiring manager who values team players?”

Meet Brett Coin, Findem’s Chief of Talent Transformation

Brett Coin has spent more than 20 years in talent acquisition, and we were thrilled to welcome him as Findem’s Chief of Talent Transformation earlier this year. His goal is to help companies transform hiring by moving beyond direct sourcing and to a comprehensive talent ecosystem with AI and automation. 

Named a Cool Vendor in the 2023 Gartner® Cool Vendors™ Report

We’re cool! Or, at least, Gartner says so. We believe our approach to talent acquisition and management — backed by our responsible approach to AI and 3D data — is transforming how talent teams plan and find talent, increase diversity, and enable mobility.

Pulled the curtain back on Findem’s Talent Data Cloud

We were lucky enough to host industry leaders and customers in conversation about topics that matter to the industry. And we were also excited to launch Findem Live, a series of monthly 30-minute showcases of our latest platform innovations with product experts, customers, and talent leaders. If you missed any of them, you can watch replays of a few of our favorites here:

Previewed the future of talent with

We partnered with on two webcasts this year, with a focus on the future of talent in an AI-powered world. Chris Galy and Discover’s Traci Wicks shared how to prepare teams for success with AI, and in November, Brett Coin explained how AI can elevate the impact and value of talent teams.

Prepared talent leaders for the future with informative guides and reports

Curious about where talent acquisition and management are headed? One of our guides should help answer your questions, whether you’re ready to dive into AI or simply want to explore trending topics.

Reflecting on 2023, it’s clear that our industry is ripe for change. Direct sourcing used to be the go-to for hiring, but moving your organization away from inefficient spend and resource management to a multi-channel approach can transform your talent acquisition strategy.

We’re grateful for the lessons learned in 2023, and hopeful that economic conditions will improve as we enter 2024. Thank you all for your continued support, and for your efforts to move the talent space forward!